Czechoslovak Socialist Republic

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The film is intended for demonstration at the lessons of economic geography of foreign countries in the 9th grade of secondary school. The film is assembled from film materials. Czechoslovakia. G. Prague. Streets of the old city; bridge over the Vltava river; St. Vitus Cathedral; a monument to Jan Hus on the Old Town Square; chimes on the old town hall. Buildings of the Prague Castle. Fraternal cemetery of Soviet soldiers who died in the battles for the liberation of Prague; Memorial plaque; tank on a pedestal. Prague metro station: passengers get off the train carriages. Central dispatching office of the unified energy system "Mir". Nuclear workers at the control panel. G. Bratislava. Streets, bridge over the Danube river. Building and production halls of the largest oil refining and petrochemical plant "Slonaft". Optical and mechanical association shop. Manufacturing processes for the release of lenses. Optical telescope reflector. G. Gotvoldov. Panorama of the city. Combine "Sweet" for sewing footwear; workers sew shoes; on the conveyor - finished products. G. Karlovy Vary. The audience on the streets of the old city. A spring with healing water. View of the Carpathian Mountains covered with snow. Deer in the winter forest. Feeding young roe deer. A fox. G. Usti nad Laboy. A road train with a chemical reactor on the streets of Brno, a man regulates the movement of the convoy. G. Shchetsin. Cargo port of Szczecin. Cargo check. Parked cars at the pier. G. Plzen. The building of the Skoda plant named after IN AND. Lenin. Engine assembly, installation work. G. Kopřivnice. The assembly shop of the Tatra automobile plant, the crane is working, the assembly of cars. Off-road test of trucks. Polabian lowland. Harvesting wheat. Moravian lowland. Mechanized harvesting of sugar beets. Danube lowland. Collection of ripe cones for the brewing industry. Ostrava-Karvinsky region. Mine in the Karvinsky Basin; the roadheader is working; the machine chops coal; miners at the control panel. Wastewater treatment plant, dirty water flows, a man analyzes water samples. Hot shop of glass production: a master glassblower blows out a vase blank, cuts off hot glass. Finished products. Spinning shop, employees work on modern shuttleless machines. Metallurgical complex: general view of the steel-making shop; steelworkers at work; molten metal. Shipyard. Ship construction: welding works, production processes. Automated bakery; baking process of bakery products.
S. Zagoskina
Film ID
mechanical engineering
, cemeteries
, energy
, metallurgy
, textile industry
, animal world
, monuments
, glass industry
, transport
, protection of nature and the environment
, agriculture
, chemical
, petrochemical industry
, extractive industry
, food industry
, scenery
, shipbuilding industry
, vov
, cities
, metro
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
L. Zorkina, Scriptwriter J. Evzovich, Ch. editor L. Fine-Hirsch, Consultants V. Maksakovsky, A. Kuznetsov
Release Date
Has Sound

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