Dagestan Patterns

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The film tells about the cities and villages of Dagestan, about its nature, about historical monuments, about craftsmen who make unique things. Makhachkala city on the map. The eagle flies over the mountains. Mountain peaks. Snow on the top of the mountain. Desert, thorns in the sand. Mountain gorge, bridge between rocks. Mountain waterfall. Caspian Sea. A fisherman stands on a stone near the water with a fishing rod. Forest thicket. View of the Lak aul Balkhar (Akushinsky district) - shot from a high point. The women of the aul in the valley are painting clay vessels. - faces of craftswomen. Painted jugs. A woman and a girl are working in a pottery workshop. NDP on painted ceramic figures, plates. A girl in a national lacquered dress is dancing in a meadow. Men and women in national Lakski costumes dance in the meadow, they are accompanied by musicians on national instruments. View of the Avar high-mountain aul Untsukul, whose craftsmen are known for their skill in carving and inlaid wood. Craftsmen of the art combine for the manufacture of wooden pipes, canes, pipes. The master is working on making a national musical instrument. Ink set made of wood - a copy of the one given in 1920. V.I. Lenin. NDP on finished wooden items. View of the Kubachi aul (Dakhadayevsky district) - one of the largest centers in the Caucasus for the artistic processing of metal, as well as stone and wood carving. Poland in the houses of the aul on the slope of the mountain. Women with jugs are walking down the street. Girls in the yard are knitting socks. Craftsmen - chasers at work. - decorated with embossing plates, jugs, jewelry, daggers, scabbards. Men mow the grass with scythes, leaving a pattern on the field - "patterned haymaking". A man in a fur hat sits in a room on the walls of which old copper plates are hung, inserting a plaster profile of V. I. Lenin on the plate. The master draws a sketch of the minting. Painted plates. Girls paint flowers in the meadow - options for future patterns. NDP in the city of Derbent (filmed from a high point). Types of the Naryn-Kala fortress. Tombstones at the fortress. Craftswomen weave carpets at the factory. NDP on carpets laid out on the floor. Summer, views of Makhachkala - the capital of Dagestan. Government House. Cars on the street, passers-by are walking. New microdistricts, construction of multi-storey buildings, construction cranes are working. A pedestal with the coat of arms of the USSR and the inscription "GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND!" Square, the townspeople are sitting on benches. Bus stop. Sailboats sail in the Caspian Sea. City beach, vacationers. Cranes in the port, ships on the dock, a pleasure boat sails.
M. Suleimanov
Film ID
national life
, road transport
, rural settlements
, architecture
, textile industry
, sea transport
, population
, landscapes
, handicraft industry
, territory
, artistic activities
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, plant growing
, peoples life
, consumer services
Number of Parts
V. Guluev
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