Danube Parade

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3rd Ukrainian Front, Austria, Vienna backwater, June 3, 1945. View of the ships and armored boats of the Danube military flotilla at the berths. Commander of the Danube Flotilla, Vice Admiral Georgy Nikitovich Kholostyakov, members of the Military Council, Captain 1st Rank A.A. Matushkin, the commander of the Kerch brigade of armored boats, captain 2nd rank Pavel Ivanovich Derzhavin, captain 2nd rank Alexander Fedorovich Arzhavkin bypass the boats. Sailors on boats. Among the commanders is the captain of the 1st Victor Ivanovich the Great. At the parade of the Danube Flotilla in honor of the Victory over Germany are present: Marshal of the Soviet Union Fedor Ivanovich Tolbukhin, member of the Military Council, Lieutenant General Vladimir Makarovich Layok, chief of staff of the 3rd Ukrainian Front, Colonel General Semyon Pavlovich Ivanov, Deputy Front Commander for rear, Colonel General of the Quartermaster Service Alexander Ivanovich Shebunin, Commandant of the City of Vienna, Lieutenant General Alexei Vasilievich Blagodatov, Chief of Staff, Captain 1st Rank Arkady Vladimirovich Sverdlov, Chief of the Political Department, Captain 1st Rank N.G. Panchenko. Austria, city of Krems, June 1945. The Red Navy men of the Danube Flotilla on the streets of the city communicate with the passing units of the Red Army, with local residents, with liberated prisoners, including Edward and Galina Dombrowski from Warsaw.
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the great patriotic war
, foreign countries (austria)
, navy
, tips
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I.A. Zaporozhsky, N.A. Petrosov
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