DASGESETZ DER GROSSEN Liebe The Law of Great Love

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The film is in German. Landscapes of early spring. Squirrel in the trees. Birds hatch eggs in the nests. Chicks in the nest. The bird feeds the chicks. Sika deer. Fox and fox at the hole. The fox digs a hole, looks after the fox. Summer forest landscapes. Woodpecker on a tree. The fox crawls out of the hole, observes nature. Grasshopper in the grass. Frog. The raven bites the fox. Teddy bear with a she-bear. Bear cubs near the den. Hedgehog. Fox cubs at the hole. Meeting foxes with a hedgehog. The fox feeds the foxes with prey. The wolf prowls around the fox's hole. A teddy bear and a fox cub are exploring the surroundings. The fox hunts a hare, brings prey into the hole. A shepherd dog attacks a fox. Fighting a dog and a fox. Dead fox. Orphaned foxes. Wind. Rain. Fox cubs get wet in the rain. Owl on a tree. Duck with ducklings on the shore of the lake. The eagle looks out for prey. Lynx. A wounded fox cub in the forest at night. Owl. The owl is hunting. Moon in the sky. The lynx prowls through the forest. Dawn. Storks feed chicks in the nest. The fox is running through the forest. A deer with a deer. Raccoon. A family of foxes. The fox is taken into the family. Field. Wheat is heading. A family of foxes mouse in the field. Fall. Forest autumn landscapes. A herd of sika deer in the forest. Foxes are digging a hole. Hunting dogs run through the forest barking. The animals run away from the dogs. The dogs are hounding the hare. Young fox in the forest.
B. Dotin
Film ID
animal world
, nature
, zoology
Number of Parts
W. Asmus
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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