Day of Joy

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Ukraine, the city of Dragobych. The husband congratulates his wife on the birth of the child. Parents plant a tree in honor of the newborn in the "Park of Youth", go to the "Palace of Happiness" to register the child. The chairman of the city council, GS Bulba, congratulates the parents of the newborn. Latvia. Celebration of the "Day of Youth" in the village of Lielvarde; solemn procession of boys and girls on the day of their majority (eighteen years). Kolkhoz chairman, Hero of Socialist Labor E. M. Kalinsh congratulates the young people. Girls and boys are photographed for memory. Leningrad plant "Electrosila". Labor veteran Yu. A. Rublevsky congratulates young men and women who have joined the plant on joining the ranks of the working class; worker diplomas, badges with the emblem of the plant. N. Nikareva speaks in response from young workers. Leningrad Wedding Palace. The groom, the bride, their guests enter the marriage registration hall. The newlyweds are congratulated by an employee of the Wedding Palace, parents. Wedding in the banquet hall. Registration of marriage in the registry office of the city of Tartu (Estonia). The orchestra is playing, the choir is singing a "great song". Congratulations to the newlyweds. The newlyweds drive around the fountain three times on the Volga. The husband shows the ability to chop wood, the wife - to sew on buttons.
G. Pchelyakova
Film ID
, a family
, rituals
, everyday life
, electrical industry
Number of Parts
G. Zemtsov
Other Creators
Sound E. Kiselev, screenplay by S. Tarasov, G. Shvedov
Release Date
Has Sound

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