Day of Remembrance

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The film tells about the events in Novocherkassk in June 1962, about how the commander of the North Caucasus Military District, Lieutenant General M.K. Shaposhnikov, refused to shoot at the people. The film includes the following filming: General view of the square in Novocherkassk on June 2, 1991 during a rally dedicated to the events of 1962 in Novocherkassk. People in the square listen to the speeches of the speakers. People at the memorial stone erected in memory of the events in Novocherkassk in June 1962. The priest consecrates the memorial stone. Hero of the Soviet Union, retired Lieutenant General M.K. Shaposhnikov among the participants of the rally, in the editing studio, is watching a recording of an interview with one of the leaders of the International Seminar on the right of non-observance of military orders - Dr. Martin Steinin (sinhr.), Passes through the square. answers a journalist's question (sync.). View of the square in Helsinki, the monument to Emperor Alexander II, the building of the cathedral, the fish market in the seaport. The audience in the market, on the streets of Helsinki. Types of Novocherkassk: streets, square, highway, Arc de Triomphe. Children are walking in the park.
M. Maryamov
Film ID
social and political movement
, situation of children
, international connections
, everyday life
, finland
, cities
, trade
Number of Parts
Yu. Klishev, A. Chervyakov
Other Creators
A. Evstigneev, A. Romanov, O. Batrakova
Release Date
Has Sound

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