Day of the Anniversary of the Supreme Leadership of His Imperial Majesty by All Land and Naval Forces in the Theater of Operations

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Russia, Headquarters in Mogilev, August 23, 1916 - led. book Georgy Mikhailovich, General M.V. Alekseev, General P.K. Kondzerovsky and other officers on the territory of the Headquarters. Conducted. book Georgy Mikhailovich and General M.V. Alekseev approach the monastery near Headquarters. In the group of officers, General S.A. Ronzhin. A car drives up to the monastery, from which Emperor Nicholas II and his daughters and heir Alexei get out, they are greeted by officers. Among the officers, Prince Igor Konstantinovich, General P.K. Kondzerovsky, led. book Georgy Mikhailovich. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and her daughters, Nicholas II and his heir Alexei leave the church, get into the car and drive away. Come out led. book Georgy Mikhailovich, Prince Igor Konstantinovich, the marching chieftain led. book Boris Vladimirovich and others. The car drives up to the building of the headquarters canteen, Nicholas II and his daughters get out of the car, Alexandra Fedorovna with his heir Alexei. People on the street of Mogilev. The Tsar's car drives by along the street Nicholas II, Alexandra Fedorovna, heir Alexei, Grand Duchesses Anastasia, Olga and Tatiana descend the wooden stairs. The royal family on the deck of the boat. The heir Alexei unties the dog, the sailors prepare the boat for sailing. A guard of honor at the entrance to the building, where the royal family is to arrive for a cinematic show. The building includes General M.V. Alekseev, Protopresbyter Fr. Shavelsky, grand. book Sergei Mikhailovich, [Prince P.A. Oldenburgsky]. A car drives up, Nicholas II and his family get out of it.
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, world war i
, christianity
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