Days of Academician Blokhina

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The film tells about the academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences, deputy of the USSR Armed Forces, director of the Gorky Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology Irina Blokhina. G. Gorky. The building of the Gorky Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. Institute staff at work. Finished forms of drugs and blood products produced at the institute. I.N. Blokhin speaks on the phone in his office, talks with one of the institute's researchers (sinhr.); in one of the laboratories of the institute, in the computer center of the institute. I.N.Blokhina's meeting with researchers of the Institute, discussion of new scientific directions in the research of the Institute (sinhr.). Deputy of the USSR Armed Forces IN Blokhin is receiving visitors, talking with them. The movement of transport along the streets of the city. The Tu-154 aircraft takes off from the airfield in Gorky. Gorky Region. A Volga car is driving along a village street. IN Blokhina with her granddaughter and her school teacher Yuri Nikolaevich Korotich go to the teacher's house, to which she came to visit. IN Blokhin cleans fish on the table in the yard. Irina Nikolaevna and Yuri Nikolaevich are looking at school photographs, remember the students of Yuri Nikolaevich (sinhr.). IN Blokhina walks with her granddaughter and Yu.N. Korotich in the vicinity of the village. G. Riga (filmed from the opposite side of the Daugava). View of one of the city streets; trolleybuses pass along the street. Moscow. General view of the Moscow Kremlin, one of the Moscow streets. A sign on the building with the inscription “PRESIDIUM OF THE SUPREME COUNCIL OF THE USSR”. Volga cars in the parking lot at the building of the Presidium of the USSR Armed Forces on the territory of the Moscow Kremlin. IN Blokhin at one of the conferences. Views of Gorky Street in Moscow and the building of the Intourist Hotel. The movement of road transport along the street. Chairman of the Committee of Soviet Women, Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR V.V. Tereshkova surrounded by participants in one of the conferences. IN Blokhina registers herself as a participant in the conference, talks with VV Tereshkova, sits down in the hall where the conference is being held.
М. Serkov
Film ID
urban transport
, rural settlements
, microbiology
, automobile transport
, public organizations
, everyday life
, landscapes
, higher state bodies
, cities
, air transport
Number of Parts
A. Mochalov, V. Fedotov
Other Creators
scriptwriter O. Gladysheva, sound engineer I. Nifonova, editor V. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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