Days of Bulgarian Culture

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Moscow city. A solemn meeting in the PI Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, dedicated to the Days of Bulgarian Culture in the Soviet Union. On the presidium E. A. Furtseva, the Bulgarian ambassador to the USSR S. Gyurov. Speakers: S. K. Romanovsky, Academician A. N. Tupolev, head of the Bulgarian delegation G. Dimitrov-Goshkin. The V. Mayakovsky Bulgarian youth ensemble performs the national dance "Ruchenitsa". Singing soloist of the Bulgarian radio and television N. Khvoinova. Speeches of Bulgarian singers B. Gujumov, Lily Ivanova, who are on tour in the USSR. Exhibition of paintings by Bulgarian artists in Moscow. Among the visitors there is a Soviet graphic artist O. Vereisky. Meeting at the Central House of Writers of Soviet and Bulgarian Writers. Present: S. Mikhalkov, M. Aliger, V. Soloukhin, L. Stefanova, V. Bokov, G. Dzhagarov, A. Perventsev. Scene from the opera "Carmen" by J. Bizet in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses; in the role of Jose - People's Artist of Bulgaria N. Nikolov. Bulgarian singer N. Gyaurov sings the part of Boris Godunov in M. Mussorgsky's opera Boris Godunov at the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR. Performance at the Kremlin Palace of Congresses of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Bulgarian People's Army. Gala evening at the House of Friendship, dedicated to the holiday of Bulgarian culture and Slavic writing. Speakers: A. Popov, V. Zlydnev, S. Gyurov, V. Trandafilov.
A. Rybakova
Film ID
cultural connections
, literature
, stage
, diplomatic relations
, music
, art
Number of Parts
A. Vakurova, E. Fedyaev
Other Creators
Sound V. Georgievskaya, text by E. Kozyrev
Release Date
Has Sound

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