Days of the Defective Moon Black Corridor

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The film was shot on the basis of documentary films and video materials dedicated to the February 1990 events in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Part I. Dushanbe city. February 12-13, 1990. Military trucks, armored personnel carriers drive through the streets of Dushanbe at night. Soldiers put up a barrier and a road sign. A crowd of people are throwing stones, cars and trolleybuses are on fire, a wounded policeman is being led, people are running through the streets. City streets in the early morning. Destroyed and burnt buildings. Burnt out market. Ruins of the ancient city. An old Tajik seller of sacred books. Mosque. K. Makhkamov in the office, the passenger compartment. Part II. A crowd of people in the square. Militiamen and soldiers of internal troops hold back the crowd, disperse people. Wounded protesters and soldiers. K. Makhkamov and workers of the Central Committee in a crowd of people. M. Mirrakhimov, Candidate of Philosophy, D. Khudonazarov, People's Deputy of the USSR, give interviews (synchronously). Part III. Doctor of Medicine, Director of the Republican Institute of Maternity and Childhood Protection S. Kh. Khakimova gives interviews (synchronously). Hospital. Doctors at patients' beds. Maternity hospital. The plane is pollinating a cotton field. Women and girls pick cotton. Kishlak Pushyen, Kulyab region. Ruined and empty houses. A resident of the kishlak speaks (synchronously) about the residents of the kishlak, relatives and friends, who died from poisoning with pesticides. Life and everyday life of the villagers. Collection and processing of tobacco leaves. Dushanbe city. Nagornaya is one of the districts of the city. Life of residents of different sex and age. Views of the Sharora village affected by the 1989 earthquake. Rescuers dismantle the rubble. Women are crying. Part IV. Dushanbe city. Riots in the streets on February 13, 1990. The police disperse the crowd. Eyewitnesses give interviews to the film crew. Filming dedicated to the student of the pedagogical institute Kholov: Kholov speaks at the rally; Holov in the dock as the accused, the judge read out the verdict. K. Makhkamov speaks to people. Part V. Deputy Chairman of the Commission to Investigate the Events of February 1990 S. Kenjaev gives interviews (synchronously). Filming of the events of February 14, 1990. K. Mirrakhimov makes an analysis of events (synchronously). Part VI. Interview of the plenipotentiary representative of Armenia V. Baghdasaryan (synchronously). Video filming of the events of February 1990: a rally, K. Makhkamov speaks (synchronously). D. Khudonazarov gives interviews (synchronously). Part VII. Video filming: meeting of representatives of the "Committee of Seventeen" with the leadership of the republic and a representative of the Center B. K. Pugo on February 14, 1990, K. Makhkamov is present; street barricades; wounded in the hospital; demonstrations and rallies. Filming after February 1991. Russian residents of Dushanbe are packing things, sending containers, taking out furniture. S. Khakimova talks about the detour of the Russians (synchronously and off-screen). Part VIII. Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Tajikistan. Speakers: Koshlakov, M. Mirrahimov, D. Khudonazarov, present: B. K. Pugo, G. I. Yanaev. Chairman of the "Committee of Seventeen" B. Karimov talks with D. Khudonazarov. Part IX. Dushanbe city. July 7, 1990. Sessions of the Supreme Court of the Tajik SSR in the case of riots in February 1990. Defendants in the courtroom, prison cell, remand prison. Interview with Prosecutor S. Kenzhaev (synchronously). Meeting of the First Session of the Supreme Council of Tajikistan. People's poet B. Sobir is performing. Present: D. Khudonazarov, K. Makhkamov, B. Karimov and others. K. Makhkamov and B. K. Pugo meet with representatives of the clergy. Part X. Meeting K. Makhkamov and B. K. Pugo with representatives of the clergy Kazi-Kalon, Turajon-Zoda (synchronously). Video filming of the February events: the rally speaking poetess G. Sofieva, Berdieva, B. Karimov (synchronously), Fedin (behind the scenes). Part XI. D. Khudonazarov speaks from the rostrum (synchronously). Relatives of those killed during the February events with photographs in their hands. Funeral of Muslims and Orthodox Christians according to religious rites. Women cry in the cemetery.
E. Aralov
Film ID
social and political movement
, medical services for the population
, communist parties
, rural settlements
, funeral
, crimes
, natural disasters
, militia
, national policy
, higher state bodies
, islam
, armed forces
, conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, offenses
, peoples life
Number of Parts
R. Makhmudov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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