Dear Mark Iosifovich Dear Markovich

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The film tells about the teacher of the Moscow secondary school No. 906 Evreyson Mark Iosifovich, who is four times laureate of J. Soros's “Best Teacher of the Year” award. Part 1. Mark Iosifovich at home, listening to a gramophone, talking on the phone (sync.). Teacher's room interior. Mark Iosifovich walks down the street, approaches the students standing at the school door, greets them (sync.), Enters the school, teaches a chemistry lesson in the 9th grade, as well as a zoology lesson in one of the classes, interrogates the students (all sync.) .). Students in the hallway at recess. Mark Iosifovich walks down the street, gets into the tram "Annushka" at the stop. 2 part. Mark Iosifovich talks with his students in the class, makes comments to individual students, conducts a chemistry lesson (sinhr.); one of the students answers at the blackboard. Mark Iosifovich (behind the scenes and sync.) Talks about himself. Mark Iosifovich at home talking with one of his students (sinhr.) Part 3. Mark Iosifovich in the classroom at a chemistry lesson, talking with students (sinhr.). Students perform tasks at the blackboard (sync.), The teacher makes comments on the progress of the students' answer. Mark Iosifovich plays the piano at home. The interior of the room. Mark Iosifovich and his student Sasha are sitting on the sofa, singing (per frame) a song. Mark Iosifovich and his students sail on a motor ship along the Moskva River. Views of Moscow (filmed from the float): Moscow Kremlin, bridges. Hotel "Russia", a high-rise building on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment, the motor ship "Valery Bryusov" near the embankment, which has been turned into a hotel and restaurant.
V. A. Bryntsev
Film ID
urban transport
, out-of-school education
, school education
, river transport
, everyday life
, cities
Number of Parts
O. Ivanov
Other Creators
A. Silaev, S. Vasiliev, A. Taldykin, E. Sgonnova, E. Zheleznov
Release Date
Has Sound

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