Death of Vladimir MayakovskyFilm 1 - Love Boat

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The film-dilogy includes two films: the first - "Love Boat" and the second - "I have no way out". The first film tells about the personal life of the poet V.V. Mayakovsky. Comments to the film are given by the author of the film, candidate of art history, grandniece of V.V. Mayakovsky S. Volodin (sync. And behind the scenes). 1st part. The building and the sign of the State Museum of V.V. Mayakovsky in Moscow. Bust of the poet in front of the museum. The poet's study. Photos by V.V. Mayakovsky, L. Brik, O. Brik over the years. VV Mayakovsky's dying letter published in the newspaper Pravda. Newsreel footage: the funeral of Vladimir Mayakovsky on April 14, 1930; among those present at the funeral - L. Brik, O. Brik, poet N.N. Aseev. Speech by the poet A.A. Voznesensky in the Column Hall of the House of Unions; among the spectators - L. Brik. 2nd and 3rd parts. Moscow Art Theater actress V.V. Polonskaya recalls V.V. Mayakovsky's friendship with L. and O. Brik (sinhr.). Photos by V.V. Polonskaya, V.V. Mayakovsky, L. Brik, O. Brik over the years. Letters from the poet addressed to L. Brik. The daughter of V.V. Mayakovsky E. Thompson gives an interview in which he talks about the meeting of her mother E. Jones with V. V. Mayakovsky and about her meeting with her father (sinhr. In English). House of V.V. Mayakovsky in Gendrikov Lane. in Moscow; a memorial plaque with the inscription: "The house where the poet V.V. Mayakovsky lived in 1926-30." Photos by N. Bryukhanenko, T. Yakovleva, L. Kuleshov, S. Eisenstein, B. Pasternak and others. Newsreels: Statue of Liberty in New York; The Brooklyn Bridge; skyscrapers in New York; streets of Paris; Eiffel Tower; funeral of V.V. Mayakovsky.
L. Popov
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K. Fedorovich
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