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1 hour - Says VP Kaboledze - General Director of the Ivanovo machine-tool association. Says A. Kh. Corporal - General. director of the Tallinn knitwear association "Marat". Workshops of the Ivanovo machine-tool plant. Kaboledze in the office. Instructors in the shop at the drawing board. Workers in the workshops. This is Kaboledze speaking. Tallinn. Demonstration of mod. This is the Corporal speaking. 2 hours - Workshop. Babins are spinning. Sewing shop. Mogilev, hotel. Factory building. Workers in the shops. Chief Engineer Litvinchuk is speaking. Factory shop: conveyor of finished products. Director of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works A.D. Filatov in his office. NN Slyunkov is speaking. Shoe factory building. A woman works in the shop. Children's shoes. 3 hours - Children measure shoes. Litvinchuk is speaking. Women are harvesting tomatoes. Hives are standing outside the factory building. They say Filatov, Corporal, Kaboledze. 4h - The worker works at the machine. This is Kaboledze speaking. The corporal on the yacht attaches the sail. This is the Corporal speaking. Meeting in the Corporal's office. 5 hours - Tallinn in winter: city streets. The buyer buys the product. Deputy says. Minister of Light Industry of Estonia ND Stennberg. MS Gorbachev and others are on the shop floor of the Sofia plant of metal-cutting machines, talking with its director. 6 hours - CMEA building. Meeting of the CMEA session. Ryzhkov is speaking. Meeting in Kaboledze's office.
B. Rychkov
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machine tool construction
, architecture
, beekeeping
, metallurgical industry
, international economic relations
, international organizations
, auxiliary agricultural enterprises
, cities
, light industry
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V. Izvekov, S. Kuzminsky
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