Decisive Race

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A film about the need for changes in all spheres of activity in the Lithuanian SSR on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the October Revolution. 1 part. Winter horse racing on ice. The orchard of the collective farm. Michurin. Chairman of the collective farm "Ramidala" G. Viryukonis at the wheel of a car, among the artists of the State Academic Drama Theater of the Lithuanian SSR (among them - R. Adomaitis). Kolkhoz "Kiviliai": the streets of the village; collective farm chairman V. Rachkauchkas gives interviews (sync. in Lithuanian). An open-air pool in one of the collective farms. Seminar of the Higher School of Agroprom of the Lithuanian SSR (sync. In Lithuanian). Part 2. The chairman and livestock specialist of the Soboniy collective farm give interviews (sync. In Lithuanian). Holiday "Seeing Off Winter" in one of the collective farms. Production association "Sigma" in Vilnius: building of the association; chairman of the local committee A. Laes, secretary of the party committee A. Koralis, general director A. Chuplinskas give interviews (sync. in Lithuanian); production processes in the workshops of the association. Part 3. Employees of the Institute of Physics at a meeting (sync. In Lithuanian). Vilnius city: spring fair. Filming of the program "My World" on Lithuanian television: children and adults in the studio; work in the control room. Soviet-American Symposium "Cooperation for Children". Part 4. Speech by young artists (sinhr.). Zootechnician and breeders of the Soboniy collective farm in the field. Meeting of Lithuanian agronomists (sync. In Lithuanian). Part 5. Vilnius city. The rally in honor of the Day of Seal (sync.). Passers-by talk about their attitude to perestroika (sync. In Lithuanian). Theatrical performance on the territory of the singing stage. An employee of the "Vechernyaya Gazeta" gives an interview (sync. In Lithuanian). Academician Bredikus gives interviews (sync. In Lithuanian), participates in heart surgery. Ethnographic holiday.
E. Zubavicius
Film ID
out-of-school education
, cultural connections
, architecture
, livestock
, vegetable world
, national holidays
, private trade
, collective farms
, theatre
, landscapes
, economic policy
, rural settlements
, electronic industry
, festive festivities
, kpss
, pools
, labor
, a television
, cities
, medicine
, sculpture
Number of Parts
Z. Pomecka
Other Creators
Scriptwriters A. Kratulis, E. Zubavičius, composer F. Latenas
Release Date
Has Sound

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