Dedicated to the 25th Anniversary of Magadan

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The film is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the city of Magadan. The city of Magadan. Old street. Construction of new residential buildings. A builder holds a steel wire rope. Destruction of old houses. A tractor pulls a broken structure of a building with a rope. Construction equipment and an excavator are working. The truck pours soil from the body. The builders scatter the earth with shovels, lay out the curb. Asphalt laying. An asphalt roller is in operation. The crane lifts the load. A bricklayer is laying bricks. The welder is working. Types of the city of Magadan. One of the streets of the city. Flags with the inscriptions: "Labor", "Glory to Labor" are waving on the lampposts. The movement of a bus and a car along the street. The building of the Gornyak cinema. Monument to V.I. Lenin. Street tray. Draft juice trade. Customers are queuing up. Residential and administrative buildings of the city. The building of the store with the inscription: "Perfumery". The building of the regional theater named after M. Gorky. Wedding Palace. Wedding couples. One of the wedding couples puts their signatures. The groom puts the wedding ring on the bride. The photographer takes pictures of the newlyweds. The bride and guests invited to the wedding raise their glasses of champagne, drink. The groom kisses the bride. Taxi movement along the city street. City park. Fountain. Children play by the fountain. Attractions. Children ride on swings, merry-go-rounds, tricycles, children's cars, smile and laugh. Teenagers play volleyball. A girl and a young man are playing tennis. Men play dominoes, chess. The girl is reading a book. Sports stadium. Spectators at the stadium. The first secretary of the city party committee of Magadan congratulates residents on the 25th anniversary of the city. Raising the flag. Launching balloons into the sky. The buglers. Children are dancing. Sports parade. Motorcyclists are going by. City area. The movement of the bus and cars. Composer Alexander Voronov and writer Ivan Urvin talk on a city street. The "Magadan Waltz" is played (off-screen). Ferris wheel. Couples are dancing. Volleys of festive fireworks.
B. Komogorov
Film ID
, urban transport
, bypopulation
, building
, architecture
, sports
, parks
, theatre
, rest of the population
, entertainment
, car
, cities
, internal trade
Number of Parts
B. Komogorov
Other Creators
Screenplay by A. Sandler, sound engineer P. Kochetov
Release Date
Has Sound

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