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The film tells about the origins and traditions of charity in Kazan, the origins of which originated during the reign of Peter I and Catherine II. Shamov, Alafuzov, Mikhlyaev, Yunusovs, Apanaev, Rodionova, Mullinov are the brightest names of our past, which have left a bright trace of charity in Kazan. Modern residents of the city and the Republic continue the glorious traditions of the Kazan merchants. Among them are A. Galimzyanov, I. Khusainov and others. The film uses the following filming: Part 1. Photos of Kazan from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th centuries. Modern filming of Kazan: streets, the movement of automobile and city transport along the city streets, views of Lake Bulak, the building of the mosque built at the expense of the Yunusov brothers, the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the building of the Theater of the Young Spectator, the building of the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan; the head of the sector of the department of history and culture of Tatarstan A. Khairulina tells (sync. and behind the scenes.) about the development of industry, entrepreneurship, which laid the foundation for charity in Kazan. General view of the house of the merchant I. Mikhlyaev, where Peter I stayed. Part 2: Old photographs of Kazan. Interview of imam-mukhtasib of Kazan Mansur Hazrat Jalyaletdin (sinhr.); General view of the house where Shigabetdin Mardzhani lived - the head of the mahali; view of buildings of madrasah and mosque Mardjani. A. Khairulina talks (off-screen) about the construction of churches and mosques at the expense of the Kazan merchants; street views in Kazan, general view of the building of the former institute of noble maidens, the building of the Kazan Suvorov military school; the pupils of the school are in the ranks; view of the crypt in the Assumption Monastery, where the industrialist I. Alafuzov was buried; view of the building of the former Alafuzov theater, where the modern youth Tatar theater is located; view of the former house of the merchant of the 1st guild Ya.F. Shamov, where the Kazan City Philharmonic is located; view of the hospital building - the Shamov hospital, built at the expense of the merchant YF Shamov. 3 part. Old photographs of Kazan. Winter mooring of ships at the berth; the building of the River Station. Interview .. Archbishop of Kazan and Tatarstan Anastasiy (sync. And per frame.); interior decoration of the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Kazan; service in the cathedral; view of the streets of Kazan, bank buildings on the streets; an interview with the imam-mukhtasib of Kazan Mansur Hazrat Jalyaletdin (sync. and behind the scenes); Muslims in the mosque during the service; entrepreneur I. Khusainov talks (off-screen) about his business - the manufacture of furniture; manufacturing processes in a furniture workshop; furniture showroom interior; General view of the Kazan Kremlin, a monument to the driver Askhat Galimzyanov, who for 20 years donated his earned money to orphanages; newsreel footage: A. Galimzyanov rides on a trolley down the street, meets with inmates of an orphanage, little inmates of one of the orphanages in the playroom; A savings bank employee packs the money transferred by A. Galimzyanov to the accounts of Kazan orphanages.
E. Gushchin
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urban transport
, christianity
, water transport
, museums
, finance
, islam
, theaters
, professional education
, cities
, fight against neglect and neglect
, monuments of history and architecture
, charity
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E. Zolondinov, S. Gubin
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