Defender of Sedov

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The height of the Stalinist terror of the 1930s. The apartment of the lawyer Sedov. Evening. Sedov and his wife are having dinner. Doorbell. Three women from the town of N. came to the lawyer with a request to conduct the case of the husbands accused under Article 58. Sedov agrees to defend four accused under the firing article. Sedov arrives in the city N. Panorama of the city N (filmed from the top point). Sedov enters the courthouse, the wives of the three accused escort him; talks to an employee; with the deputy chairman of the court; calls for the consideration of the case in accordance with the norms of Soviet legislation. The deputy chairman of the court explains to the lawyer that the sentence has already been carried out. Sedov learns from a court officer that the case is still in court, he manages to convince the deputy chairman to hand over the case to defend the accused. Sedov is studying the case in one of the courtrooms. The movie "Circus" is shown in the cinema, Sedov in the auditorium. In a conversation with the deputy chairman of the court, it turns out that the defendants confessed to the crime, nevertheless, the defense lawyer is seeking permission to meet with them. Sedov arrives at the prison at night, but is denied a meeting with the prisoners. The defense lawyer demands to call the head of the prison, convinces him of the need for a meeting. The wives of the accused are waiting for their lawyer at the gates of the prison. Sedov meets with his clients in prison, they talk about their innocence, tell their stories, one of the prisoners talks about a conspiracy against the Soviet regime. The escort disperses the prisoners to their cells. The lawyer walks through the winter city. Newsreel footage of the 1930s. People are skating in the park. Sedov returns to Moscow, goes to the prosecutor's office, raises a question before the "big" prosecutor about a fabricated case, about a violation of socialist legality. The "big" prosecutor promises to investigate this case. Sedov sits at his desk in the bar, NKVD officers come for him. The "big" prosecutor speaks from the rostrum in the hall, talks about the unjustifiably convicted in the city N, about the arbitrariness of the Trotskyist-Bukharin henchmen in the city, accuses the enemies of the people - the judge, the head of the prison, many others, greets the defender Sedoy, who is sitting in the hall. People in the hall stand up, applaud, Sedov applauds with everyone. Newsreel footage of the 1930s: speaking at a ceremonial meeting in the Bolshoi Theater exposes enemies, saboteurs, spies, greets People's Commissar Comrade Yezhov; people in the hall are applauding. The roles were performed by V. Ilyin, A. Matveeva, V. Dvorzhetsky V. Larionov, I. Sukachev, Y. Sherstnev and others.
E. Cymbal
Film ID
, educational activities
, courts
, repression
Number of Parts
V. Shevtsik
Other Creators
script by M. Zverev, composer V. Khrapachev, artist E. Chernyaev, sound engineer L. Benevolskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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