Delegation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in Indonesia

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Indonesia. Sea shore. Coconut palms. Monkeys on the branches. Rice fields. Indonesian village. Farmers are drying coconuts. Arrival of the delegation of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, headed by the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Council of Nationalities NA Mukhitdinov, in Indonesia. Meeting at the airport. Among the greeters, the President of the Parliament Sartono. Speaker N. A. Mukhitdinov. Jakarta city. The streets of the town. Cycling carriages, pedestrians on the streets. Restaurant on the go. Channel. Reception of the Soviet delegation by the Chairman of the Indonesian Parliament, Sartono. Visit of Soviet guests to the President of the Republic of Sukarno. City of Bogor. The building of the veterinary department of the Indonesian university. Members of the Soviet delegation in the audience. Bogor Botanical Garden. Meeting with guests at the President's country residence. Rubber plantation. Black pepper plantation. Members of the delegation in the botanical garden. Orchid. Cactus. Bandung city. The "Merdeka" building. Bandung market. Cinchona factory. Box of pills. Members of the delegation at the factory. Yogyakarta city. Cemetery of national heroes Kusuma Negara. Members of the Soviet delegation lay wreaths. Buddhist temple Borobodur. Members of the delegation in the temple. Prambanal Temple. City of Solo. Medical center for the treatment of disabled people. Bali island. The boy on the vines. Chapel. The statue of the god of the roads - Jagi-jalana. Religious holiday Kuningan. Ritual procession. Port. Seeing the delegation at the airport.
A. Ovanesova
Film ID
urban transport
, botany
, higher education
, everyday life
, chemical industry
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, landscapes
, trade
, plant growing
Number of Parts
V. Vorontsov
Other Creators
author of the text V. Gorokhov, sound engineer V. Kotov
Release Date
Has Sound

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