Democratic Germany

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Destroyed buildings, monuments of history and culture in the Western sector of the city of Berlin. Renovation work, construction of new buildings in the East Sector of the city of Berlin. Sights of the cities of Berlin, Weimar. Division of land in the Seelow District. Production processes in the shops of metallurgical plants in Brandenburg, Geniksdorf; exit of tractors from the territory of the Horch plant. Miners of the mine named after K. Liebknecht congratulate the miner A. Hennicke, who fulfilled the plan by 250%. III National Congress in Berlin. O. Grotewohl speaking. Reception O. Grotewohl General V. I. Chuikov, G. M. Pushkin, members of the government of the GDR. Election of the President of the GDR by representatives of the democratic parties. Speech by the President of the GDR V. Pieck to the people. 3rd Congress of the SEPN; are V. Pik, M. A. Suslov. Demonstrations, rallies in the cities of the GDR, dedicated to the All-German Youth Meeting, Peace Day, the opening of the monument to V. I. Lenin, the 70th anniversary of I. V. Stalin. Monument to Soviet soldiers in Treptower Park. A rally in the city of Berlin, organized by the Society of Victims of Fascism. Meeting of the victims of German fascism on the territory of the former concentration camp. Opening of the workers 'and peasants' faculty at Jena University. Demonstration of units of British troops in the Western sector of the city of Berlin.
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extractive industry
, labor
, democratic parties
, social and political movement
, metallurgy
, higher education
, percussion
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, tractor machine building
, cities
, borbazamir
, utilities
, 2nd world war
, eastgermany
Number of Parts
G. Bobrov, I. Bessarabov, P. Kasatkin, D. Kaspiy, A. Listvin, A. Semin, E. Nichman, G. Yavorsky, A. Baibukh, Radynts
Other Creators
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No Sound

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