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The hero of the film is a former soldier of the Russian army who sold his weapon to the enemy and escaped from the army during the war in Chechnya. Lost in the vastness of Russia, he lives in the past, every day, over and over again, he recalls just a few months of his life, which crossed out his future. The film has English subtitles. 1 part. B / W shooting: The fighting of Russian troops on the territory of Chechnya: soldiers on the battlefield, explosions, armored personnel carriers on the road, a detachment of fighters is blocking a bus, soldiers are taking militants out of the bus, paratroopers are jumping with parachutes, descending on cables from helicopters. Paratroopers parachute out of an airplane, practice hand-to-hand combat techniques, descend the wall of a house on cables during physical training. View of one of the settlements in Chechnya from a helicopter, a mosque. Color. Shooting: Airborne Forces camp in Chechnya. The soldiers are pulling themselves up on the crossbar, digging a trench. The soldier carries loaves of bread. The soldier shoots at the trees. A soldier with a dog. The soldiers are walking along a well-worn road. Armored personnel carriers on the road. A group of fighters makes their way through the tall grass. The hero of the film tells about the fear that arises in the war, about everyday life in combat (behind the scenes). The hero is shot from the back. Part 2. B / W filming: A group of soldiers in camouflage uniforms near the tent, fighters put war paint on their faces, a soldier with a night vision device, a soldier smears cartridges in a tape, flares from signal flares in the sky (night plans). The soldiers smoke, laugh, cook food at the stake, sing with a guitar in the camp; sentry at the post. Fighting tankers in Chechnya. Helicopters in the air, soldiers at armored personnel carriers. Color. Shooting: The soldiers jump from the armored personnel carrier, run to the attack, shoot. The soldiers are wounded. Armed soldiers among the trees. Explosions in the forest, in the ruins of buildings. Soldiers run near destroyed buildings, shoot from a window. Transportation of soldiers, medical workers, ambulances on a cargo plane: soldiers are sleeping, medical workers are helping a wounded, a soldier is reading a newspaper article "Extra People" in Chechnya. The hero of the film tells about the war, about the special forces, about the combat experience of his grandfather (behind the scenes). Part 3. B / W shooting: Paratroopers jump with parachutes from a helicopter. Soldiers in armored personnel carriers and tanks enter Grozny along a washed-out road, destroyed buildings in the city. Operations to check the passport regime are the so-called "cleansing": soldiers in helmets and masks walk down the street, enter houses, inspect houses and outbuildings, civilians with children in the courtyards of houses, armored personnel carriers drive along the street. A dilapidated church building. The soldiers say goodbye near the helicopter, the sleeping soldiers are in the barracks, the paratroopers jump from the plane, two parachutists land on the same parachute. The bodies of the dead soldiers. View of the destroyed buildings in Grozny from a helicopter. Shooting color: Soldiers are walking along the road, an armored personnel carrier is driving. The hero of the film tells how he sold weapons to enemies (sync., Behind the scenes).
S. Bosenko
Film ID
rural settlements
, air force
, christianity
, villages
, islam
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, cities
Number of Parts
K. Miromanov, I. Uralskaya, R. Gerasimenkov, K. Durnov, A. Kapranov
Other Creators
scriptwriters I. Semashko, S. Bosenko, editing director N. Tapkova, sound engineers A. Zakrzhevsky, N. Ustimenko, sound design I. Tsaturov, editor O. Shaposhnikova, coordinator L. Karabanova, producer N. Zheltukhina
Release Date
Has Sound

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