Difficult Roads of the World

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Newsreel of the Great Patriotic War: the city of Leningrad during the blockade; balloon over the monument to Alexander Pushkin in Moscow, a refuge in the Moscow metro. Ruined cities of Western Europe. Monuments to the victims of fascism on the territory of the former concentration camps. The beginning of the Great Patriotic War on the territory of the Soviet Union. Return of the victorious Soviet soldiers from the war. General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid I. Brezhnev during negotiations with R. Nixon in the USSR and the USA, V. Brandt in Moscow and Bonn. Negotiations with J. Pompidou, Leonid Brezhnev's speech at the Elysee Palace; meeting with J. Marchais. Leonid Brezhnev's speeches at the Pan-European Meeting in Helsinki, at the Geneva Conference. Meeting of the Political Consultative Committee of the Warsaw Pact Member States; present: J. Kadar, T. Zhivkov, N. Ceausescu, E. Gerek, G. Husak, L. I. Brezhnev, A. N. Kosygin. Meeting in Crimea of the leaders of the communist parties of the socialist countries; present: E. Gerek, F. Castro, Leonid Brezhnev. Stay of the Prime Minister of Japan Tonako in Moscow. The signing of the Soviet-Japanese documents. Interview with V. Berezhkov, E. M. Primakov, A. Hammer, V. G. Solodovnikov, N. N. Inozemtsev. Days of Soviet Culture in Dortmund (Germany). Performance by the Pyatnitsky choir, ballet dancers of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR; performance by S. Obraztsov's puppet theater.
A. Koloshin
Film ID
the second world war
, communist parties
, cultural connections
, international connections
, political connections
, international organizations
, westgermany
Number of Parts
A. Koloshin, A. Kochetkov, V. Mikosha, G. Serov
Other Creators
Sound K. Nikitin
Release Date
Has Sound

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