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The film tells about accidents and disasters in transport and at enterprises of the national economy, as well as how the consequences of these man-made disasters affect the natural environment, the ecological situation. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. C / t newsreel plans: volcanic eruption, giant ocean waves, locust invasion in one of the African states; drought in Ethiopia: emaciated women and children sit; hurricane and flood in Bangladesh, people make their way through flooded streets; a railway disaster in India: the corpses of the dead, the twisted cars, people mourn the dead; the crash of a sports plane piloted by a 72-year-old pilot, the deceased pilot is removed from the crashed plane; general view of an inverted ferry that sank from overload; ferrying the corpses of the dead by boat; general view of a fire on a tanker in one of the seaports. General view (shot from a helicopter) of the place near Ufa, where the train accident occurred. View of the crumpled remains of the Adler-Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk-Adler trains. Disaster victims: adults and children in the hospital wards of one of the hospitals. General view of urns with the ashes of those killed during the disaster. View of the Volga steppe near Astrakhan. General view of the Astrakhan gas processing complex and the main control panel of the complex. Interview of the chief engineer of the complex V.Nazarko (sinhr.). View of the village of Senitovka in the vicinity of the complex. Interview with the chairman of the village council (sync.), Talking about the regular emissions of hydrogen sulfide into the atmosphere, which negatively affect the health of the villagers. Pupils of a rural kindergarten play in a group, under the guidance of a teacher, put on protective special suits in case of poisonous emissions. View of the city of Volgograd (filmed from a ship sailing along the Volga). The movement of the ship on hydrofoils. Embankment view. A group of young people is walking along the embankment. General view of the Volzhsky synthetic rubber plant. View of worn out communication plant equipment. General view of garden plots in the vicinity of the plant with plantings. A woman - the owner of one of the gardens says (sinhr.) That the proximity of the enterprise may negatively affect the quality of the vegetables grown. General view of the administrative building of the Association "Caustic", the territory of the enterprise. Type of tanks with liquid chlorine. External and internal view of the shop №27 for the production of liquid chlorine at the enterprise. Fitters-adjusters of equipment at work in the shop. Exploded chlorine balloon. General view of a giant gas tank on the territory of the enterprise. Part 2. One of the leaders of "Caustic" says that the tank with liquid chlorine is not dangerous, it cannot burst (sync.). View of the ruptured gas tank at the Yanava association "Azot" in Lithuania. General view of the consequences of the accident. General view of the fire at the well of the Karachanovskoye oil and gas field in Western Kazakhstan, caused by a crew of drillers who violated the drilling technology. Firefighters extinguish the fire, rest in the intervals between extinguishing the fire, go in special protective suits to the place of fire. Head of the Kazakh Gas Industry Department V. Kazakov gives interviews at the scene of the accident (sync.) General view of the gas pipeline. View of one of the rural settlements in the vicinity of the pipeline. Goats graze near the village, ducks swim in the pond. An employee of the Aksai branch of the KGB S. Zhdanov and V. Kazakov discuss the problems of safe operation of the gas pipeline. Major General of the KGB G. V. Kuznetsov gives interviews (sinhr.), Talks about the collection of information by the KGB officers on the safety of national economy facilities. Kuzbass. Parents walk with their children along one of the streets of Novokuznetsk. General view of a coal deposit, where it is being mined in an open way. The excavator loads the rock into a dump truck body. General view of the coal mine. General view of the territory adjacent to the coal mining site: swampy land, waste heaps. View of the Shanda village in the vicinity of one of the abandoned deposits, where Teleuts live - the indigenous inhabitants of these places. Children in the courtyard of one of the houses. The man dilutes the mixture to strengthen the foundation. Cracks on the walls of the house. Panorama of Novokuznetsk. The streets of the town. People on the streets. Carts are moving along a narrow gauge track. Smelting steel in the open-hearth workshops of the Novokuznetsk Metallurgical Combine. Interview with one of the leaders of the enterprise on the need for repairs at the enterprise, replacement of equipment, construction of treatment facilities (sync.).
V. Kopalin
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protection of the state building
, plant growing
, ethiopia
, medical services for the population
, metallurgy
, river transport
, natural disasters
, india
, protection of nature and the environment
, rural settlements
, individual farm and urbanism
, sea transport
, everyday life
, bangladesh
, ecological disasters
, chemical
, petrochemical industry
, energetics
, cities
, railway transport
, air transport
Number of Parts
A. Lomtev
Other Creators
N. Belyakova, V. Varakin, A. Vitkovsky, Yu. Demkin
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