Distant Australia

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City of Melbourne. Public transport on the streets, illuminated advertising of shops; sea coast; monument to J. Cook. University of Melbourne; students in the Russian language classes, in the physics room, listening to Professor Mora. Visitors inspect the animals in the zoo: koala bear, wild dog dingo, kangaroo, platypus, emu, kookaburra birds, cockatoo parrot. Palm trees in winter dressing, sugar cane plantations, vineyards, papaya trees, banana plantation; picking strawberries. Aboriginal Museum exhibits. Farm estates. Annual exhibition of sheep breeding. Cows and sheep graze on pastures. Driving sheep from pastures for wool shearing. Wool packing, loading, transportation. Canberra is the capital of Australia. Monument in honor of the founding of the city, public transport - buses; Parliament buildings with the coat of arms of Australia, ministries, banks. Residential areas; church for the Orthodox. The building of the Academy of Sciences, observatory. Museum-reserve of the first European settlements on Australian soil. Construction of a dam on the river. Bulldozers are working; lumberjack cuts trees. English company building; automobile plant "General Motors". Printing house of the communist newspaper "Tribune", there are fresh newspapers. A man sells the Tribune newspaper. The priest F. Hartley preaches a sermon in the church. Rally in Hyde Park, Sydney; the communist is speaking. A Soviet book store in Sydney. Tour of Soviet artists in Sydney. Sydney port. Unloading and loading operations in the port. Australian Writers: Katarina-Susanna Prichard, Alan Marshall. Aborigines on the reservation. Aboriginal Defense League chairman Dr. Christopher. A fragment of the play "Long, Short, Big" based on Willis Hall's play at the New Theater in Sydney. Construction of the Sydney Opera House. Young people are rollerblading. Sportsmen-rescuers (swimmers) on the sea coast.
A. Zenyakin
Film ID
economic communications
, energy
, nature
, communist parties
, cultural connections
, automobile transport
, livestock
, higher education
, sports
, literature
, sea transport
, printing
, religion
, animal world
, agriculture
, utilities
, culture
Number of Parts
A. Zenyakin
Other Creators
Music by E. Denisov, sound by I. Gunger
Release Date
Has Sound

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