Dmitry Shostakovich

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View from the train window. Shostakovich stands at the window in a train carriage. White nights in Leningrad. D. Shostakovich at the rehearsal of the 1st symphony, talking with Maxim Shostakovich. Auditorium of the Leningrad Philharmonic. The orchestra performs the 1st symphony by D. Shostakovich. Conducting - M. Shostakoch (son of the composer). Photos of D. Shostakovich from different years. Photo of the composer's father and mother. Petrograd Conservatory, where D. Shostakovich studied at the composer and piano faculties. Rehearsal of the play "Bedbug" (photo). A scene from the play. In the role of Prispikin - I. Ilyinsky (photo). Shostakovich with Meyerhold (photo). Cinema "Barrikada", where D. Shostakovich worked as a pianist when he was 17 years old. Images from the film "Return of Maxim". Cast: B. Chirkov, M. Zharov. Stills from the film "Hamlet", where the music of D. Shostakovich sounds. Working moment of shooting the film-opera "E. Izmailova". Music by D. Shostakovich. In the main role - G. Vishnevskaya. D. Shostakovich plays the opera "E. Izmailova" to V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko. Premiere of the opera at the Leningrad Maly Opera House. The audience is applauding. D. Shostakovich presented with flowers. L. Kogan about D. Shostakovich (sinhr.). D. Shostakovich and M. Rostropovich at the rehearsal of D. Shostakovich's concert No. 2 for cello and orchestra. The Leningrad Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra performs the 5th Symphony. Conducting - E. Mravinsky. Siege Leningrad. D. Shostakovich writes the 7th symphony at the piano. The concert program of D. Shostakovich in the Great Hall of the Philharmonic Society of Leningrad on August 8, 1942. 1967 year. Meeting in the Philharmonic Hall of the surviving listeners and performers of the 7th Symphony. Presentation to D. Shostakovich of the Prize "For Strengthening Peace Among Nations". N. Khikmet, I. Ehrenburg, A. Khachaturyan, T. Khrennikov congratulate the composer. Leningrad Maly Opera House. Ballet "11th Symphony". D. Shostakovich in Yerevan at the decade of Russian music, in Scotland at the Edinburgh festival, in Gorky at the festival of Soviet music. D. Shostakovich performs the Quintet at the Gorky Festival. D. Shostakovich in the Leningrad hospital. Sverdlov.
A. Handelstein
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, cinematography
, higher education
, theatre
, awards
, music
Number of Parts
A. Zilberg
Other Creators
Scriptwriter G. Yagofeld, A. Gendelstein, text by P. Khmara
Release Date
Has Sound

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