Dog Life

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The film is dedicated to dogs. The film includes filming: I part of Moscow. Garden Ring Street. The movement of cars. A flock of stray dogs roams the streets of the city. Catching stray dogs: the men tie and load the dogs into the back of trucks. Trucks deliver the caught animals to the Lyubertsy experimental plant for the production of meat and bone meal. Women voluntarily take care of stray dogs in an abandoned house, talk about the cruel treatment of people with animals (sinhr.). Part 2 Dog show at one of the stadiums in Moscow. People sell and buy puppies of different breeds at the Bird Market in Moscow. Military exercises with the participation of sapper dogs of Timiryazevsky, Sokolnichesky and Zheleznodorozhny service dog breeding clubs. c / t 1960s Experimental dogs Belka and Strelka in a space rocket during tests. A rocket with dogs on board takes off into space. Part 3 Sick dog with burns on the body. Women take care of stray dogs. Vandalism against dogs. NDP on the asphalt: "TIRED LAY. WE WILL POISON". Excerpt from the Declaration of Animal Rights, which the USSR did not sign.
Yu. Ostashenko
Film ID
protection of nature and the environment
, urban transport
, standard of living
, private trade
, food industry
, rail transport
, sanitary inspection
, cities
, a family
, zoology
, charity
Number of Parts
D. Serpukhin
Other Creators
L. Shutova
Release Date
Has Sound

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