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A film about service dogs. The film uses materials from the Russian State Archive of Film and Photo Documents of the Second World War, dedicated to the use of service dogs at the front, during hostilities, footage from the chronicle of dogs flying into space, about the work of rescuers with dogs during the liquidation of the consequences of the earthquake in Spitak. Service Kennel Center. Central School of Military Dog Breeding. Monument to a soldier with a dog. School nursery. Dog training and education. Colonel V.I. Reutov gives interviews (synchronously). Russian school for training guide dogs. School nursery. Director of the school A.I. Ermoshin gives interviews (synchronously). Guide dogs, trained at school, with their owners. Monument to the dog that saved the owner from wolves in the village of Bobino, Kirov region. The teacher R.V. Lozhkina talks about the history of the monument (synchronously and behind the scenes). Monument to dogs that have served science, on the territory of the Institute of Experimental Medicine in St. Petersburg. Monument to academician I.P. Pavlova with a dog. Monument to N.A. Nekrasov with a dog. Monument to the dog in Togliatti, established at the expense of the townspeople and the mayor of the city. Newlyweds lay flowers at the apment as a pledge of loyalty and devotion to each other. The sculptor R.S. Kirillova talks about dogs (synchronously). Student of the Moscow State Art and Industry University named after G.S. Stroganova M. Otradnensky is working on a model of the monument to the warrior dog, which is supposed to be installed on Poklonnaya Hill, gives interviews (synchronously). Homeless dogs on the streets of the city, dogs with beggars asking for alms. Dogs with owners for a walk, at a dog show.
B. Sarakhatunov
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the second world war
, out-of-school education
, everyday life
, dog breeding
, population
, sculpture
, cosmonautics
, charity
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K. Durnov
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