Dont Break Natures Circle

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Autumn forest on the slopes of the mountains, a mountain river flows. - bandolier. A man looks at the mountains through binoculars. - dry flowers in a meadow in the mountains. - praying mantis on a stone. Hunters climb the mountains along the path. A panorama of fallen leaves in the forest. An abandoned cigarette butt is smoking. - ladybug on a dry flower. The deer comes out into the clearing, in the foreground are tree branches. NDP on the mountain slopes, snow on the tops of the mountains. The boot crushes a ladybug on a stone. The last yellow leaf on the tree branch. The water of the mountain river, stones along the banks, rapids are running. A man makes his way through the thicket. Thicket, the sun's rays illuminate the trees. The hunter drinks water from a mountain river. The water froze on the branches of the bushes. The man is loading the gun. The hunter smokes, aims. A man climbs the slope to the top of the mountain (removed from movement). The hunters are shooting. Winter forest (panorama). Snow-capped mountain peaks, clouds float. Birds fly up, frightened by the shot. NDP on mountain peaks (filmed from one of the peaks).
S. Chadin
Film ID
environmental protection
, animal world
, landscapes
, beast hunting and hunting
Number of Parts
J. Khamitsky
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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