Donetsk Land - the Sea of Everyday Life

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Streets of cities: Zhdanov, Donetsk, Makeevka. Loading and unloading operations in the seaport of Zhdanov. Donetsk steppe. Mechanized watering of corn fields. The dispatcher at the control panel of the energy system of the South of the USSR. Lugansk, Mironovskaya, Starobeshevskaya GRES. (State District Power Plants). Donbass city. Florist Negrobov watering flowers. Miner of the Trudovskaya mine D. Glazkin buys shoes in a store. Miner mine "Kochegarka" E. Seredinov reads his poems; works in a mine. Coal on the conveyor. Miners work in the mine "Proletarskaya Glubokaya", mine manager S. Pasalsky. Miner N. Mamai at work on a coal harvester in a mine. Construction of an artificial nylon fiber plant in Severodonetsk. Production processes at the Artyomovsk sparkling wine plant, the Kramatorsk metallurgical plant, the Konstantinovskiy glass plant. Harvesting apples at the Donetsk gardening station. Poultry farm of collective farmer V. Dovzhenko. People's Artist of the USSR A.P. Ognivtsev performs in front of his fellow countrymen in the city of Lugansk, sings the song "Hey, uhnem". Olympic champion gymnast P. Astakhova (originally from Donbass) in training. P. Astakhova shows her friends photographs, one of which shows her in a group with F. Castro in Cuba. A teacher at the Horlivka Institute of Foreign Languages is teaching English to preschoolers - children of miners The sculptor V. Mukhin, the author of the monument to the Young Guards in the Donbass, at work in his workshop. Students of the Donetsk Polytechnic Institute at lectures, laboratory classes.
V. Sychevsky
Film ID
, livestock
, higher education
, literature
, preschool education
, plant growing
, energy
, metallurgy
, collective farms
, sports
, theatre
, landscapes
, glass industry
, mining industry
, sea transport
, everyday life
, chemical industry
, ukraine
, food industry
, sculpture
Number of Parts
K. Bogdan, J. Mestechkin, F. Kaminsky, V. Orlyankin, B. Yarovoy
Other Creators
Music by G. Taranov, sound by T. Geiko, I. Renkov, script by A. Mikhalevich
Release Date
Has Sound

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