Dragon Captivity

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A chronicle-documentary film dedicated to the last emperor of China, Pu Yi. The film uses materials from the Russian State Archive of Cinema and Photo Documents, the State Film Fund of Russia, the Center for the Preservation of Historical and Documentary Collections, fragments of the book of memories by Pu Yi "The Second Half of My Life". The film was attended by: A. K. Zhelvakov, B. F. Oud, P. V. Nikitin, A. N. Nikolaev. Chronicle footage dedicated to Emperor Pu Yi: Pu Yi with his retinue in one of the temples, the Pu Yi palace, the emperor's subjects bow down in front of the palace, Pu Yi walks along the deck of a ship in a military uniform, gets into a car, passes the guard of honor on the day of coronation on the Manchu throne; signing of an agreement between Japan and Manchukuo, a banquet in honor of the signing, Pu Yi with a glass of champagne, Pu Yi rides in a carriage, accompanied by his retinue, gets on the train, Pu Yi, accompanied by his retinue and representatives of Soviet troops, walks across the airfield field, gives testimony at the Tokyo Process; Pu Yi feeds the deer in the park. Chronicle footage of the period of World War II: military actions of Soviet troops, the entry of Soviet troops into Manchuria, the signing of Japan's surrender on the deck of the American cruiser Missouri, the trial in Tokyo over Emperor Pu I. Chronicle footage: the life and life of Chinese peasants, representatives of the urban population , the population of China welcomes Mao Zedong in an open car, a square in Beijing; Mao Zedong greets the people from the rostrum, a demonstration; Stalin and Mao Zedong on the podium. Shadow theater actors play a play about Pu Yi (fragments). Views of the city of Khabarovsk. The destroyed building in which the emperor Pu I. was kept. The former dacha of V. S. Blucher on the Red River. Khabarovsk airport. The building of the Khabarovsk KGB. Sunset on the Red River, the movement of the barge.
G. Gorodny
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, the second world war
, automobile transport
, international connections
, river transport
, theatre
, landscapes
, government
, air transport
, peoples life
, state security
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V. Gorbatsky, R. Zhamgaryan, V. Morozov
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sound V. Dorfman
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