Dragon in a Birch Grove

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A film about young Vietnamese employed in Russia. Moscow. Trolleybus No. 58 is driving along a snow-covered highway. Snowy park; passers-by. The furnishings of a room in a hostel where Vietnamese girls live. Houseware. The girls at the table are drinking tea. Boys and girls are dancing in the room. The young man sings the song "Under the blue sky ..." (synchronously in Russian). A festive dinner at the hostel on the occasion of the New Year's celebration: young people sing a New Year's song (synchronously in Vietnamese); burning candles in the room and in the hands of young people. Vietnam. Vietnamese on bicycles ride through the streets of the city. A young man riding a bicycle holds a bunch of balloons. The girl rides on a bicycle with a stroller in which there are flowers. Children on bicycles. Street cafe visitors sit at tables. A festive procession on the street of a Vietnamese city. Participants in the procession carry the figure of a dragon with a long tail. Vietnamese with burning candles on the streets of the evening city during the holiday of TET - the Vietnamese New Year. Celebratory fireworks. Believers in a Buddhist temple perform religious rituals on Memorial Day.
E. Potievsky
Film ID
urban transport
, holidays
, economic communications
, festivities
, public catering
, cities
, buddhism
, peoples life
Number of Parts
В. Suprun, Chan Fyong Thu
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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