Dragon Teeth

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The film tells about the fate of seven saboteurs, in 1944, abandoned by German military intelligence in the deep rear of the Soviet army. First part. Fragments from the movie "Soyuzkinozhurnal No. 16" for 1944 (the formation of the Red Army on a snowy field, the commander reads Comrade Stalin's order to the soldiers, the cavalry gallops across the field, the gunners are riding). Shelves with the affairs of the regional departments of the NKVD in one of the archives, a panorama of folders with cases. Autumn, Ural landscapes. View of an abandoned village. Newsreel footage: 1943-44, soldiers at a tank, a soldier puts a boy on a tank, German motorcyclists drive a captured Red Army soldier, a dead woman with a child, explosions on the battlefield, a nurse drags a wounded man from the field, the dead are lying, the Germans are in the trenches. The second part of. Fragments from the movie Soyuzkinozhurnal No. 16, 1944 (Soviet troops are marching across a snow-covered field, skiers in camouflage coats are riding, horse-drawn carts are riding, gunners are deploying a gun, Red Army men are walking through the forest, a blizzard, a field kitchen). Prison courtyard, staircase, prison cell door. Cases of the Sverdlovsk archive of the Cheka-OGPU-NKVD on the shelves. The head of the FSB department for the Sverdlovsk region, Lieutenant General BN Kozinenko, in his office, talks about the activities of German saboteurs in the Urals during the Great Patriotic War. Newsreel footage: 1944, Moscow, the moon over the Kremlin, passers-by on the streets, passing vehicles, a loudspeaker, Muscovites listening to a message from the front, fireworks over the Kremlin, joyful faces of people, cavalry galloping across the field, tanks driving, Red Army men attacking, there is a battle, tanks are going through the village, houses on fire, broken military equipment on the field, the streets of one of the destroyed European cities). The third part. The head of the FSB department for the Sverdlovsk region, Lieutenant General BN Kozinenko, in his office, talks about the activities of German saboteurs in the Urals during the Great Patriotic War. Archive repository of the Directorate of the Ministry of Security of the Russian Federation for the Sverdlovsk Region. Prison building, prison corridor, open cell doors. Newsreel footage: 1941-43, refugees are walking along the road, destroyed houses, women are carrying a child on a sled, broken military equipment on the road, crosses in a German cemetery, imprisoned behind barbed wire in a concentration camp, the head of the Russian Liberation Army, General A.A. .Vlasov with German officers on the street of one of the cities of Eastern Europe, Soviet soldiers surrender in the field, the Germans search prisoners, a column of captured Soviet soldiers is walking along the road, the prisoners are sitting on the ground, a boy is crying over the body of his murdered mother, people are mourning the killed, burning houses in the village. Fourth part. The moon comes out from behind the clouds. Bonfire in the meadow. Fragments of the "News of the Day" movie [1945] (a shot at Berlin from an anti-aircraft gun, views of destroyed Berlin, Soviet tanks on the street, a howitzer gun # 4852, Sergeant Plekhanov's crew says goodbye to the gun) Newsreel footage: 1944, accused of German uniform in the courtroom, the prosecutor read out the verdict, the car carries the condemned to execution, public execution of traitors by hanging, three gallows in the square, harvesting in the village, women knitting sheaves in the field).
S. Soloviev
Film ID
places of detention
, the second world war
, cities
, urban transport
, court
, funeral
, fsb
, nkvd
, landscapes
, offenses and crimes
, plant growing
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V. Kireev
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