Dry Milk Products for Baby Food

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A film about the production of dry infant formula in the USSR. Part I. The head of the baby food department (Nutrition Institute of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences), Doctor of Medicine, Professor Kaleria Sergeevna Ladodo talks (sinhr.) About the importance of nutrition for a child in the first years of life. The "Production Association of Children's Dairy Products" Istra "(Moscow region, Istra) produces the" Malyutka "mixture. The process begins with the receipt of milk, checking its quality in the laboratory and cooling. Primary processing includes milk thickening in a vacuum evaporator. Further, the milk base passes through a spray-drying installation, an instantizer (additional drying). Finally, sugar and vitamins are added. Before packaging, laboratory technicians once again analyze the finished product. Tasters evaluate the quality of baby food. Part II. The “Balta Milk Cannery for Children's Products” (Ukrainian SSR, Odessa Region, Balta) produces the “Detolakt” milk mixture. Shop for primary processing of milk, its acceptance and cooling; production laboratory where analyzes are carried out; dividing milk into two streams. Fat components and vitamins are introduced into the first stream. The second stream is enriched with refined sugar. Connection of two streams; vacuum evaporator; drying and cooling; packaging and packaging of "Detolact" dry milk mixture. For dietary and therapeutic baby food at the "Sibai Milk Canning Plant" (Bashkiria, Sibay), they produce enpits. Workshop for the production of the main component of enpite - casecite.
G. Timofeeva
Film ID
food industry
Number of Parts
Н. Shumkova
Other Creators
scriptwriter I. Efremova, editor O. Teplenko, consultants Doctor of Technical Sciences P. Krashenin, Y. Tupitsa, sound engineer V. Shubin, director A. Birman
Release Date
Has Sound

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