Duke of Württemberg Canal

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The film tells about the Duke of Württemberg Canal - the last section of the North Dvina water system, which connects the Sukhona River with the Volga-Baltic Canal, about the people working on this water system. The barrier opens at the entrance to the wooden bridge across the canal. A wheeled tractor drives over the bridge. View of the swaying wooden canvas of the bridge over which vehicles are passing. The barrier closes in front of the vehicle. Cars stand in front of the barrier. A tugboat pushes a barge loaded with timber along the river. Tamara Merkurieva stands at the helm of the Yastreb ship, which is sailing along the canal, and talks (per frame) about her life and work. General view of the coast during the movement of the vessel. Together with Tamara, her husband, Boris, the captain of the ship, is in the wheelhouse. Boris talks (off-screen) about himself, about his work. The towboat is pushing the cargo platform ahead of him. Buoy on the river. Members of the crew of the "Hawk" set up a buoy on the river, talk to each other, pull another buoy out of the water onto the deck of the ship. Tamara Merkurieva in the galley, preparing food, continues (behind the scenes) to talk about herself. The ship is sailing along the channel (filmed from the top point). A young woman walks with a child along a path among the trees. Men are sitting on a bench near the house. The captain of the ship "Yastreb" Boris Merkuryev is leading the ship along the canal, telling (per frame) about himself. The ship is moored to the shore. Part 2. The movement of the ship "Yastreb" along the canal, along the river. The banks of the canal, the river. Cars stand at the entrance to the bridge over the canal, waiting for the barrier to open. The tug is pushing the barge loaded with timber. The ship's captain Boris Merkuriev is at the helm, his wife Tamara is next to him in the wheelhouse. Boris talks (off-screen) about himself, about his work. View of the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery from the side of Lake Siverskoye. The ship "Yastreb" sails past the monastery walls. Boris and Tamara Merkurievs talk (off-screen) about the places they sail past, about the beauty of these places. Buoys and other items on the river bank. Boris goes down the ladder to the shore. calls on the phone from the room (sync.), leaves the house, goes to Tamara, talks to her (sync.). View of a settlement on the river bank. The ship is moored from the bank, floats along the river (on the lake?), Through the lock. Boris and a member of his team set up fishing nets at the entrance. Panorama along the river. Boris smokes on the deck of the ship, off-screen says that he cannot imagine his life without the river. Tamara in the galley of the ship. Boris goes down the ladder to the shore, goes to the village. The ship is sailing through the lock. 3 part. The captain of the ship "Yastreb" Boris Merkuryev is talking (sync. And off-screen) with the crew members of one of the ships, standing in the lock. General view of the ship in the lock. The doors of the lock are parted, the ship leaves the lock. Tamara and Boris Merkurievs talk (off-screen) about their lives. A large ship is sailing along the canal. Tamara and Boris walk along the path together. View of the settlement on the bank of the canal. Bridge over the canal. Landscapes of the channel, river, banks. Tamara at the helm of the Hawk. Tamara wipes the rain glass in the wheelhouse. General view of the channel and the vessel sailing along it (filmed from the top point).
B. Dworkin
Film ID
river transport
, landscapes
, automobile transport
Number of Parts
I. Alferov
Other Creators
N. Ustimenko, N. Fedenistova, M. Tarasenkova, S. Shirmanov
Release Date
Has Sound

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