Easter 45 Years

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The film tells about the explosion of national consciousness during the Great Patriotic War, which returned the people to the churches, about the contribution of the Church to the liberation of the Motherland, about the victory that came during the celebration of Easter. First part. Service in one of the churches, there are many children among the parishioners. Newsreel footage: June 22, 1941, Moscow, loudspeaker, people listen to VM Molotov's speech, recruits receive weapons on the street; 1941-43, processing of blanks for grenades on a lathe, a woman checks the quality of shells, a teenager works at the lathe; the passage of German equipment along the street of the village, laughing German soldiers are walking, German cavalry is walking, motorcyclists, tanks are riding, refugees are walking, a nurse is bandaging a wounded man, Patriarch Sergiy Stargorodsky is at his desk, the patriarch is conducting a service, parishioners enter the church, shots of besieged Leningrad. The second part of. Workshop of the son of Marshal V.I. Chuikov, sculptor A.V. Chuikov, his works. A.V. Chuikov talks about his father. Photos of the Chuikov family. Memorial plaque to the Chuikovs at the cemetery. The dome of one of the churches, the iconostasis. Newsreel footage: [1941-43], Germany, A. Hitler greets an officer, German military equipment is driving down the street of one of the Russian cities, German tanks are on the road, German planes are flying, bomb explosions; 1942-43gg., Stalingrad, houses explode, burning and destroyed buildings, the commander of the 62nd Army V.I. Chuikov is talking on the phone, talking with officers, battles on the streets of the city, captured Germans, among them is the commander of the surrendered 6th Army General F. Paulus; Moscow, [1942], people with Easter cakes at the church, the priest lights up the eggs, Easter cakes, the celebration of Easter, the believers leave the church, among them are the military. The third part. Newsreel footage: [1943-44], Soviet soldiers are walking along a city street, a priest is standing with a cross on the porch of a church, residents of one of the cities are meeting liberator soldiers, Red Army men are riding on horseback, a tank is passing by, soldiers are sitting on armor, one of them with an accordion, an elderly woman blesses a soldier with an icon, refugees are riding a cart on the streets of the city, killed in the streets, grieving relatives, a memorial service at the cemetery; 1945, Germany, Katyushas are firing, Soviet tanks are driving through Berlin, corpses in the streets, crosses with a swastika, Soviet soldiers are resting on the road, a soldier is writing a letter; V.I. Chuikov, surrounded by military leaders, is walking down the streets of Berlin, the fired upon Reichstag, Marshal G.K. Zhukov at the walls of the Reichstag, at the Brandenburg Gate, a meeting of soldiers-liberators in Moscow.
B. Krinitsyn
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the second world war
, the relationship between the state
, christianity
, religion church
, defense industry
, sculpture
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K. Durnov
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