Echoes of Winter Holidays

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A film about old New Year's rituals, in which residents of one of the Moldovan villages take part. Moldova. View of one of the Moldovan villages. Rural houses. The man opens the gate near his house. Local residents are preparing to celebrate the New Year: young parents wash their children in the house, women bake pies, men chop wood, clean snow around the house. Women set the festive table. Costumed people - people in skins, masks, with horns and other costumes dance, sing (synchronously) on the street, visit the locals, wish them a Happy New Year. Women treat the mummers with pies and apples. A mummer, depicting death, sharpens the blade of a scythe in a smithy, runs along the street of the village, "fights" with a mummer. Local residents and mummers expel the mummer, depicting death, from the village. Procession of masked people along a rural street. Presentation of masks. Mummers - people in military uniforms, accompanied by a brass band, walk down the street, dancing with the villagers. Children in New Year's costumes lead a round dance in the house. Children with twigs in their hands are entering one of the houses, singing for the owners of the house (synchronously). The woman treats the children to pies. A boy in national Moldovan clothes runs down the street of the village and rings a bell. # ANAV # Inozemtseva L.B.
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, rural settlements
, festivities
, entertainment
, peoples life
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The author of the film is P. Balan
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