Economy in Search of Truth

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The film tells about the social, political and economic changes taking place in the USSR in 1985-1990. 1st part. Domes of the church. Divine service in the church. Symphony orchestra musicians play during the performance. A dummy with his face covered with a scarf walks along the catwalk. Models on the catwalk demonstrate clothes. Tolkuchka in Yerevan. Shopping arcade. Buyers. Bijuteria, live crayfish on the counter. Various goods lying on the hood of the car. Discussion of students of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University on further ways of restructuring (synchronously). Customers are queuing up at a department store. Buyers in the ready-to-wear section. Empty shelves in the shoe section. Empty shelves of grocery, dairy and vegetable sections of a grocery store. The encashment car drives through the Crimean bridge in Moscow. Inkasator in the cab of the car. A rally on the Frunzenskaya Embankment in Moscow. The protesters are holding homemade banners with the inscriptions: "Karabakh is the torch of freedom", "Property is theft", "Ligacheva to be held accountable!" other. Speakers are speaking. Conductor, People's Artist of the USSR G. N. Rozhdestvensky conducts the orchestra. 2nd part. Models on the catwalk demonstrate clothes. A rally on the Frunzenskaya Embankment in Moscow. Musicians of the symphony orchestra at the rehearsal. Workers of a sewing enterprise in the shop at work. Estonian farmer Aore Krapp and his wife take care of animals in the barn. A. Krapp shows his farm. Visitors to the Moscow Soviet-Finnish restaurant "Savoy" at the tables. Various snacks prepared by the restaurant staff. Distribution of free meals to the elderly in the dining room. The female veterans' choir performs "Christmas Song" (synchronously). A crowd of people outside the Vnesheconombank building in Leningrad. The building of the Lenvest store in Leningrad. Customers queue up outside a jewelry store. People are queuing up outside the American Embassy. Funeral of Academician A.D. Sakharov. Funeral procession. Funeral meeting. Speakers are speaking. 3rd part. Divine service in the church. The doctor is delivering at the hospital. Woman in labor with a newborn. An encashment vehicle is passing through one of the sections of the transport tunnel. Wads of money. The counting machine is counting the money. Discussion of students of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University on further ways of restructuring (synchronously). Rehearsal of the musicians of the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Jungle". Models in robotic costumes are walking along the catwalk. Young people are dancing on the street of the northern village. Alexander Column on Palace Square in Leningrad. The figure of an angel crowning the Alexander Column. Rehearsal of the symphony orchestra musicians in the hall of the Moscow State Conservatory.
A. Marutyan
Film ID
road transport
, livestock
, state trade
, finland
, music
, medical services for the population
, private trade
, textile industry
, credit
, finance
, sole proprietors
, money turnover
, usa
, diplomatic relations
, professional education (higher)
, charity
, economic communications
, christianity
, public catering
, cities
Number of Parts
I. Kuznetsov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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