Economy Is Another Way

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The film tells about the history of creation and activity of private firms "Elastic" in Slovakia, "Locari" in Finland and the largest concern in Russia - "Krosna". 1st part. The rally at the "White" House in Moscow. The protesters are holding homemade posters with the inscriptions: "We will defend the giant of thought, the father of Russian democracy, BN Yeltsin," "Yanaev and Kryuchkov buried communism, and Yeltsin is a democrat!" Policeman in the crowd of protesters. A fight between the protesters. Slovakia, Trnava. The streets of the town. The building, the operating room of the bank. Territory, office, car depot, warehouse of the firm "Elastic", which is engaged in commerce and production activity. The company's employees at work. Conveyor for the production of household chemicals. Sales areas of a grocery store and a household chemicals store. Entrepreneurs are in business negotiations. Entrepreneur's manor. Family picnic of the tailors in the business of the company "Elastic" in the Tatras. 2nd part. Finland. Motorway. House of the owner of the company "Locari" L.Laine. Production buildings of the company. Production workshops, territory of the company. Workshops for the production of anti-corrosion shields and wheel arch liners for cars, trailers. L. Laine is conducting business negotiations. Mini-cars, mini-tractors manufactured by Locari-Horse. Assembly of light rowing boats. Races for children in mini-cars. Company awards. L. Laine sailing on a boat along the river. 2nd and 3rd parts. President of the Moscow Research and Production Association "Krosna" A. Chanov gives an interview in which he talks about the history of the creation and activities of the association, about investment policy, about the forms of work in new conditions (sinhr.). The territory of the association. Krosno workers go to work. Workshop for the production of antifriction additives for motor oils. Demonstration of steel safes for various purposes, manufactured by the association. Satellite antenna. Assembly of receiving installations for satellite television and space communication systems in the workshops of the association. Mantel clock made by Krosno workers. Stone processing and watch assembly in workshops.
M. Ditkovsky
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road transport
, standard of living
, militia
, mechanical engineering
, automotive industry
, a family
, instrumentation
, private trade
, river transport
, production of communication equipment
, childrens sports
, tractor and agricultural machine building
, economic policy
, credit
, entrepreneurship
, chemical industry
, finance
, money turnover
, time appliance manufacturing
, shipbuilding industry
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, cities
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A. Novikov
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