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A film about the education system in the USSR was made by order of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. Pupils go to school on September 1st. First graders in the classroom, read the ABC book. Students of different schools in the classroom. Students of vocational schools in the classroom and practical classes. Chronicle footage dedicated to the elimination of illiteracy in the USSR. French teenagers-patrons from the city of Lyon visiting schoolchildren in Minsk. Chukotka National District. Boarding school in Anadyr. Schoolchildren-children of reindeer herders in the classroom. Deer herds. Reindeer herders at work. Helicopter and snowmobile movement. Chronicle: young people of indigenous nationalities and peoples of the Far North at the entrance exams and classes at the Herzen Leningrad Pedagogical Institute. Students from the regions and republics of the Far North in the classroom, a walk around Leningrad. Mansi writer I. Shestalov gives interviews (synchronously). Samarkand city. Residents of the city on the streets, schoolgirls are walking. Chronicle footage: the life of the population of one of the republics of Central Asia. Buildings and premises of Tashkent University, students in the classroom. University Rector Academician Sarymsakov gives interviews (synchronously). Novosibirsk University. Boarding school at the university. Akademgorodok of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Museum. Excursion. Classes in the summer correspondence school of programmers. Professor I. Shestakov with colleagues. Director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics A. N. Skrinsky. Buildings (on Mokhovaya and Lenin Hills) of Moscow State University. Students in the classroom. Students go in for sports, have fun at the disco. Classes at the Peoples' Friendship University named after P. Lumumba. Students are interviewed (synchronously).
B. Sheinin
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scientific connections
, school education
, cultural connections
, relaxation
, livestock
, population
, professional education
, air transport
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И. Kagan
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