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Landscapes of Egypt: sands, sparse desert vegetation; palms, citrus trees, cactus species, wheat fields; pastures along the banks of the Nile River, canals, in oases. Egyptian peasants cultivate the fields with primitive agricultural implements. Primitive water extraction for irrigation of fields. Construction of irrigation canals, a dam and a power plant in Aswan. Agrotechnical station in Fayum province. Experimental field. Livestock and poultry farm. Agronomist advises peasants. Harvesting sugar cane in the Nile Valley, transportation to the sugar factory in Kom Ombo. Production processes of sugar cane processing at a sugar factory. Finished products. Production of fabrics at a textile factory in Mahal el-Kubr. Cairo city. Nile River embankment, fortress wall, palace of the former king of Egypt Farukh, mosques, tombs. Public transport, shops, zoo, Higher Muslim Theological School (Al Azhar University). Cairo University. Scientists of the National Research Center at work in the physical and chemical laboratories. Speech by the State Folk Dance Ensemble of the USSR under the direction of I. Moiseyev at the Cairo Opera House. Negotiations in Cairo of the heads of government: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria (February 24 - 27, 1957). Soviet journalists talk with Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in his office. Cairo National Museum; appearance, exhibits: golden mask of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, sarcophagus, personal belongings, items from the tomb of Tutankhamun. Drawings on stone, papyrus, bas-reliefs and other exhibits reflecting the history of ancient Egypt (BC). Monuments of ancient Egypt: the sphinx and pyramids (tombs of the pharaohs) in the city of Giza (near the city of Cairo); Luxor and Karnak temples, the ruins of Memphis (the ancient capital of Lower Egypt); quarries near the city of Aswan; Valley of the Kings (the place of the secret burials of the pharaohs in the gorge on the left bank of the Nile River). Tourists enter the dungeon; tombs of the pharaohs Amenhotep II, Seti I, Tutankhamun. City of Alexandria. Streets, squares, urban transport, monuments, the port of Alexandria. Office building. Passengers are sitting on the pier. Foreign ships in the Suez Canal, among them Soviet ones: Krasnodar, Krasnaya Zvezda, Iman, Poti and others. On the canal, work is being carried out to raise sunken ships. Oil fields off the shores of the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. Production processes at an oil refinery. Construction of the Helwan Metallurgical Plant. Flotilla of fishing vessels at sea. Fishermen are throwing their nets; take the catch ashore. Purchase of caught fish on the shore. The city of Port Said, liberated from Israeli troops. Streets barred with wire, sandbags; ruin; wounded at the hospital. The military is examining the streets, courtyards, looking for mines. Construction and restoration of residential buildings. Destruction in the Sinai Peninsula by Israeli forces during the retreat. Gaza City, decorated for the meeting of the Egyptian troops; a crowded meeting on the city square in connection with the Victory Day. The Governor of Gaza, Brigadier General Hassan Abd-al-Latyf, speaking. UN troops in the Sinai Peninsula. Meeting of members of the Writers' Union of Egypt in Cairo. Present: Khalid Mohammed Khalid, Yousef Assibay, Tauf el Hakim, Nagib Mahfuz, Alin Yousef Gurab, Abdurahman Ash Sharkavi. Salon of the sculptor Ahmed Osman; present: artist Hasan Mohammed Hasan, sculptor Eduard Zaki Hamil, decorator Ismail Hussein Mahmud.
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, nature
, cultural connections
, architecture
, higher education
, literature
, military communications
, energy
, fishing
, tourism
, history
, art
, sea transport
, chemistry
, agriculture
, wars of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, religious education
, irrigation
, economic communications
, physics
, industry
, political connections
, media
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Zenyakin, Semin, Troyanovsky
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