Eight Corners Under One Roof

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A film about Japan. Japan. Landscapes. Mount Fujiyama. Tokyo city. Streets, buildings. Transport and pedestrian traffic. Residents of the city on the streets. Shop windows. The robot plays the piano and delivers drinks. Demonstration of clothing models. The bride is being prepared for the wedding. The bride and groom are in the wedding procession. The building of the Budokan - the national center for martial arts. Monument in the vicinity of Miyazaki - Monument to the world. Residents of Japan are giving interviews, talking about the monument (synchronously). A blacksmith forges a sword. September 1940. A. Hitler, E. Matsuoka and others on the balcony of the building, greet the people after the signing of the pact between Germany, Italy and Japan. The fighting of the armed forces of Japan during the Second World War. The city is on fire. Chronicle of the Second World War. The priests bless [the military]. Japanese officers at the table. Climbing Mount Fuji. Soldiers are marching. Soldiers at the Yasukuni Shrine. Seeing off to the front. 1986 Yasukuni Shrine. Monks and believers in the temple at prayer. Chronicle footage. 1950s. Signing of one of the "security agreements". D. Eisenhower is present. Construction of one of the US military bases in Japan. Demonstration of protest. American soldiers and police disperse the demonstrators. US military base in Japan. US military aircraft in the air, aircraft carriers at sea. Military factories. Descent of the ship into the water. Submarines. 1986 G. Tokyo. Sanya area. Unemployed on the streets: preparing food, sleeping on benches, sidewalks. Cemetery. Evening Tokyo. Shoppers in stores. Showcases. Mannequins in a military equipment store. Children at the counter of the store, playing on computers. Fragment of the film "Star Wars". Antiwar rally. Lesson and break at one of the schools. The leaders of the All Japan Teachers' Union give interviews (synchronously in Japanese). Tokyo city. Traffic. Police disperse a protest demonstration organized by far-right organizations. Meeting. Photos of [the leader] of Japanese neo-fascists, writer and director Yu. Mishima. Chronicle footage of the 1970s. Yu Mishima on the balcony of a building of one of the units of the Self-Defense Forces, captured by associates of Yu Mishima. Soldiers on the street, near the building. Removal of the coffin with the body of Yu Mishima, who made himself a hara-kiri. The police are taking out Yuri Mishima's accomplices. 1986 year. A young Japanese man is talking about Yu Mishima (synchronously). Chronicle footage. 1945 Believers pray. Soldiers carry urns with the ashes of the dead. Disabled people work at the machines. Teens receive mobilization summons. Kamikaze pilots drink sake, board the plane. The plane takes off, explodes, falls into the sea. Air battle. The woman commits suicide. Burning and destroyed Tokyo. Nuclear explosion. War criminals get out of the car outside the courthouse. Minister of War H. Tojo in the hospital ward, speaking at the trial. Monument to war criminals who were hanged at the Tokyo Trial in 1948. The inscription on the monument: "The grave of seven samurai who died for their homeland." Interview with a resident of Japan (synchronously). Cemetery in Hiroshima. Fisherman's family. Husband, wife, children are drinking tea, watching TV. The fisherman gives interviews (synchronously). Views of the city of Hiroshima. Fishing vessels at sea. Fish market. Tea harvesting. Young Japanese are dancing.
I. Grigoriev
Film ID
urban transport
, the second world war
, standard of living
, population
, borbazamir
, police
, plant growing
, a family
, military communications
, fishing
, private trade
, funeral
, school education
, armed forces
, cinematography
, social and political movement
, court
, situation of various populations
, cities
, defense industry
, buddhism
, home life
Number of Parts
Y. Orlov
Other Creators
V. Ovchinnikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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