Einsteins Time

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First part. B / W newsreel footage: 1960s, residents of one of the Volga cities are observing a solar eclipse with the help of special devices and filters. A man watches an eclipse through a telescope. The sun is covered with clouds, it gets dark, the solar circle is in the dark. G. Saratov, an elderly woman with a bouquet of flowers is standing at the circus poster, people are walking by. Young man on the background of advertising of Coca-Cola, an elderly man on the street. - the faces of the townspeople, passers-by on the streets of the city. Children ride on children's cars on the streets, passers-by are walking by. Sunset over the city. Dawn, the sun rises over multi-storey buildings. Cat muzzle in the dark. Sparrows peck seeds on the ground. - the process of processing nails before painting (shot through the frame). The second part The process of processing nails with a file. Nail polish, decorative pattern on nails with a brush. - manicure on nails (shot through the frame). A woman with dye on her hair sits in a hairdresser. Pedicure process. - the face of the manicurist. Permed hair. NDP on the faces of visitors to the hairdresser. A hairdresser makes a haircut for a client, another master washes a woman's hair. NDP on the premises of the salon (filmed through the frame). Cars are driving in the dark. - windows of the house glowing in the dark, people outside the windows. - red peppers on the counter. Boxes in the market in the rain, passers-by with umbrellas on the street, water flowing along the sidewalk. Saleswomen behind the counters at the vegetable market in the rain. Bananas on the counter in the rain. Rain, shoppers at the vegetable stalls. The third part: Summer, rain, buyers at the stalls of the vegetable market. Vendors offer vegetables to buyers. The open spaces of the river (shot with a wide-angle lens). The faces of young girls on the streets. Girls in bathing suits. Young people on the streets in the city center. Passers-by on the street, men are swimming in the river (the effect of accelerated shooting). Men in swimming trunks, girls in shorts are walking across the bridge. Views of the Volga from the bridge. View of the city from the Volga. Vacationers on the beach. Bridge over the Volga. Transport movement across the bridge. Passers-by on the streets in the city center. Bridge, Volga, city on the bank (filmed from a car passing over the bridge). Cars drive across the bridge at dusk. Works on the construction of the bridge fence (removed from a passing car).
I. Tomashevich
Film ID
public leisure and recreation facilities
, road transport
, private trade
, landscapes
, astronomy
, cities
, peoples life
, consumer services
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
Producer A. Naymushin
Release Date
Has Sound

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