Eleventh Commandment

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The film tells about the sad consequences of unfair work. A little boy sits on a plowed field. Attraction "Ferris wheel" in the park. A girl and a young man are spinning on a swing, sitting by a fountain in the park, square meters. - jets of the fountain. A girl and a young man are sailing on a boat in the pond. White swans swim in the pond. A young man kisses a girl. One of the shoe factories, schoolchildren on excursions in the workshop. Sewing shoes on machines. Girls in the workshop sew shoes on sewing machines. "Corner of civil defense" on the wall in one of the workshops, a poster "A working minute, strict accounting!". - the face of a young worker at the machine. - manufacture of men's shoes. Workers in the shop are talking. Young people smoke on the stairs. Representatives of the plant tell schoolchildren about the social side of work, about wages. Work in the packing shop. A shoe store at the factory, shoes are on display at the stand, saleswomen are talking at the counter. NDP on racks with shoes. Vacationers on the city beach. Children run into the sea. The girl on the beach feeds the dog. A young man and a girl are sunbathing on the beach. A man and a woman on the sand play cards. Vacationers swim in the waves. Men on the beach smoke, play cards. Children are building a house out of sand. A young man pulls himself up on a horizontal bar, his girlfriend is smiling. A young man carries fruit to a girl, he is attacked by one of the gamblers, a fight. Hooligans chase the young man and the girl, they run away, the young man falls, tk. the sole of his boot is peeling off, the girl runs, gets on the tram, leaves. A young man is sitting on the grass. NDP ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT. FOR SOVIET PERSON ONLY! DON'T BE A BLANKET! Shoes and boxes are burning in the fire. Paper money scattered on the grass, a boy is sleeping. NDP on a plowed field. The film uses staged shooting with the participation of F. Antonov and E. Matveeva.
L. Magkeeva
Film ID
urban transport
, out-of-school education
, public leisure and recreation facilities
, state trade
, leather and footwear industry
, money turnover
, entertainment
, peoples life
, consumer services
Number of Parts
V. Lyanov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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