Elina Bystritskaya Portrait of One Spring

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Film-reminiscence of the actress E.A. Bystritskaya about the years of the Great Patriotic War and about post-war work in theater and cinema. Part 1 People's Artist of the USSR Elina Avraamovna Bystritskaya in a car, on the Moscow-Kiev train, on the Black Sea coast in Chersonesos (Sevastopol), in the Maly Theater tells (sync. And behind the scenes) about her life. In Kiev, he shows the place where their house stood before the war, which was destroyed by a German shell, near the building of the Kiev State Theater Institute. I.K. Karpenko-Kary on Yaroslavov Val Street speaks about entering a university in [1948]. At the State Academic Maly Theater of the USSR, the final bow of the artists goes out after the performance to the applause of the audience. Numerous photographs by E. Bystritskaya. Part 2 E. Bystritskaya at the Ivan Franko Kiev Academic Ukrainian Theater, in the dressing room of the Maly Theater in Moscow tells (sync. And behind the scenes) about acting. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, he meets with the former underground worker from Zhitomir Sofia Mironovna Vereshchak (in the play "Accidental Waltz" based on [the play] S. Aleksievich "War has no woman's face" E. Bystritskaya plays the role of S.M. Vereshchak). Works with students of the Moscow theater university. On the Black Sea coast in Chersonesos (Sevastopol) he speaks (sync. And behind the scenes) about big creative plans for the future.
V. Storozhenko
Film ID
, drama theater
, meetings of bbos
, assemblies
, monuments of architecture
, cities
, meetings
Number of Parts
A. Radinsky
Other Creators
screenwriter E. Yakimenko, editor T. Unguryan, sound engineer V. Antonenko, film director S. Lensky
Release Date
Has Sound

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