Eliy Belyutin and the Abramtsevo Brotherhood

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The film is dedicated to E. Bilyutin, painter, teacher, art historian, founder and head of the creative studio "New Reality". E. Bilyutin talks about the exhibition organized by the participants of the studio in the Manezh in 1990, about the perception of the works of the artists participating in the exhibition, representing the non-conformist trend in Russian painting, talks about the work of K. Malevich, talks about the studio, his students, shows their works , talks about the exhibition in the Manege in 1962 (synchronously and behind the scenes). E. Bilyutin shows paintings from his personal collection, his paintings. Moscow city. Exhibition of paintings by the studio "New Reality" in the Manezh. Artists work in a studio in Abramtsevo, study with E. Bilyutin in the studio, take part in a festive feast in Bilyutin's apartment. Arbat street. Passers-by are walking along the street. A group of young people are playing cards. The man plays the accordion. Sale of souvenirs, toys, clothes. The Symphony Chamber Orchestra of the Association of Contemporary Music under the Union of Composers performs in Abramtsevo. A rock ensemble is performing on stage. A scene from the operas "Madalena" and "Mavra" performed by the soloists of "Helikon-Opera". Painting "Black Square" and graphics by K. Malevich. A scene from the play "Black Square". Sunset over the Oka. Motor ships sail along the Oka. Types of cities: Kasimov, Kalyazin, Uglich, Nizhny Novgorod, Yegoryevsk. Bell tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral In Kalyazin. Coal reservoir. Artist Yuri Skopov works in the studio, the work of the artist. River port in Nizhny Novgorod. River tram movement. Italy. Types of cities: Venice, Milan, Beluni. Landscape of the environs of Beluni. Chronicle footage. 1924 Farewell to Lenin's body in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. In the guard of honor: MI Kalinin, KE Voroshilov, IV Stalin. 1930-40s Workers are laying the rails. 1941 Moscow. The movement of soldiers and militias. Anti-tank hedgehogs and obstacles on Metrostroyevskaya street. Balloons are being carried along Gorky Street. 1962 Moscow. Painting exhibition in the Manege. Among those present: N.S. Khrushchev, A.N. Kosygin, M.A.Suslov, A.I. Mikoyan, L.I.Brezhnev, E.A. Furtseva, A.M. Gerasimov. NS Khrushchev's meeting with representatives of the creative intelligentsia in the Kremlin. Among those present - M.A.Sholokhov.
A. Mironov
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the second world war
, leisure
, standard of living
, river transport
, christianity
, higher state authorities
, museums
, theatre
, urban life
, cities
, railway transport
, graphics
, painting
, art
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О. Чупин, Б. Agapov
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