Emperor Nicholas IIs Visit to Great Britain

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Great Britain, Cowes July 20, 1909 British warships, three small vessels are at sea, the imperial yacht "Shtandart", a Russian warship (removed from the movement) are sailing past them. An English royal yacht "Victoria and Albert" is standing near the shore, other yachts are in the background, a boat is sailing. [21] July 1909 On the deck of the yacht "Standart" there are officers, sailors, a cabin boy, a woman. A panorama of the royal yacht "Victoria and Albert" and other yachts located nearby. On the deck of the yacht "Standart" are naval and army officers seeing off the guests descending from the yacht to the boat - [the English king Edward VII, his wife Queen Alexandra] and others; Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia stand at the side and look down overboard. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and her two daughters are shaking hands with English ladies in white dresses, officers are standing nearby (filmed from the top). July 22, 1909. Emperor Nicholas II in the uniform of the Scottish Regiment Scots Grays with a bear hat in his hands poses for the camera with the Scottish officers of the regiment on the deck of the yacht Shtandart. Emperor Nicholas II is talking with an officer, officers of the Scottish regiment Scots Grays and Russian officers, two cabin boys, are standing nearby. July 23, 1909 Deputations of the City of London, the Chamber of Commerce, from the years. Liverpool and Portsmouth. On the deck of the yacht "Standart" are Russian officers, members of the British deputations. On the deck of the yacht "Standart" are members of the deputations of the City of London, the Chamber of Commerce, from Messrs. Liverpool and Portsmouth, Nicholas II and his three daughters.
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A.K. Yagelsky
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