Enchanted by Life

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The film is about three different people united by love for their work. The first part is dedicated to the creator of the choir of the Russian song near Moscow P.G. Yarkov, the second part - to the caretaker of the old church of John the Theologian on the river. Ishnya not far from Rostov A.N. Konyzhonkov, the third part - to the artist B.A. Smirnov-Rusetsky. Part I "AND THE SOUL WAS BURNED ..." Former members of the choir of the Russian song near Moscow M.M. Sedova, P. Ya. Koshenkova, K.I. Orlova, T.I. Shcheglova, B.G. Zubkov, V.A. Pavlov got together, sing (sync. And off-screen) songs, remember and tell (sync. And off-screen) about the creator and director of the choir P.G. Yarkove. A record with songs of the collective under the direction of P.G. Yarkova. Photographs and posters of performances. K.I. Orlova, B.G. Zubkov and others visit the grave of the creator and director of the choir P.G. Yarkov at the Danilovskoye cemetery. Part II "KEEPER" Keeper of the ancient wooden church of St. John the Evangelist on the river. Ishne (Yaroslavl region, Rostov district, village Bogoslov) A.N. Konyzhonkov tells (sync. And behind the scenes) about the history and construction of the church (1687), about the village of Bogoslov. Repairs the carved wooden frame for the icon; conducts an excursion for foreign tourists in the church; he stokes the stove at home, looks after the cow. III part "WALKING" Russian artist, scientist and writer Boris Alekseevich Smirnov-Rusetsky tells (sync. And behind the scenes) about his life. He walks the streets of Moscow, recalling his arrest in 1941. In the apartment there is a portrait of the artist, mystic philosopher and writer N.K. Roerich. According to B.A. Smirnov-Rusetsky, only thanks to his acquaintance with N.K. Roerich and the spiritual charge received from him, he endured all the hardships of a 15-year imprisonment. Black and white photographs of B.A. Smirnov-Rusetsky, portrait of his mother. Paintings by the artist.
V. Orekhov
Film ID
russian painting
, soviet
, vocal music
, monuments of architecture
, russian
Number of Parts
I. Kuznetsov
Other Creators
scriptwriter V. Orekhov, L. Ochakovskaya, editor S. Plyusnina, sound engineer Y. Zorin, film directors E. Gromova, N. Legat
Release Date
Has Sound

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