Enlightenment A Dream About Florensky

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The film tells about the fate of the Russian thinker, priest Pavel Florensky, the creator of many scientific works in various fields of knowledge. The film reveals in detail the ideas of Father Pavel about the structure of space - time, expressed in his fundamental works "Iconostasis" and "Imagination in Geometry". The film includes the following filming, including staged: 1 part. A man puts on a vestment, performs a rite of consecration (dramatization), a landscape of the sea; footage of pre-revolutionary newsreels: people walk, run across the square. Part 2. A boy sleeps on a bed, walks through the garden, cries, crosses himself, sits on a tree trunk, a man in a prison cell (all of the above films are staged); landscape of the Solovetsky Islands, the landscape of the sea. Newsreel footage: the arrival of political prisoners in Solovki (early 30s). 3 part. A boy with a bunch of grapes, a boy in a prison cell by the sea, a priest in a prison cell (all of the above films are staged). Sea landscape against the setting sun. 4 part. A man lies on a couch, a grinder is working, death with a scythe floats against the background of flying sparks; Newsreel footage: explosions, fire, a cross falls from the dome of the temple, people run across the square, the landscape of the Solovetsky Islands. 5 part. Riders in gas masks are galloping, a man in a gas mask beats a bell, a man lies in a prison cell, an officer shoots at a prisoner (all of the above filming is a reenactment). Religious procession, the embryo of a child in the womb of the mother. Newsreel footage: prisoners of the Solovetsky camp at work, the fall of the bell from the bell tower of the temple (early 30s). # ANAV # Knyazkova I.V.
M. Rybakov
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places of detention
, revolutionary and socio-political movement
, the relationship between the state
, christianity
, landscapes
, religionchurch
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R. Voronov
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