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A film about the elimination of the consequences of the earthquake in Armenia. Armenia. Landscapes of mountains, mountain rivers, waterfalls. Monuments of history and architecture. Flowers and shrubs are blooming. Filming of the consequences of the 1988 earthquake: destroyed buildings, homeless residents, bodies of the dead, coffins, women crying, distribution of humanitarian aid, a tent camp, Soviet and foreign rescuers dismantling the rubble, landing of aircraft with cargo and rescuers at the Zvartnots airport, dad John Paul II, Prime Minister of Great Britain M. Thatcher express condolences (video). Sh. Aznavour talks about the "Sos Armenia" foundation; loading the wounded on the plane, meeting the evacuees from the disaster zone at the airport, A. A. Likhanov carries children in her arms, Mother Teresa at the Yerevan airport with correspondents (video filming), sending plasma from the Havana airport, F. Castro, son and grandson of the President of the United States is present D. Bush with cargo and Christmas gifts at the Zvartnots airport, children's hospital (video). Catholicos of All Armenians Vazgen I at a reception with N. I. Ryzhkov. The editor-in-chief of the Moscow News newspaper E. Yakovlev gives interviews (synchronously). Pediatric surgeon Professor Roshal operates on children affected by the earthquake. Construction of the city of Spitak. Foreign builders are working. The opening of the Byron School in Leninakan, M. Thatcher is present at the opening. Construction of the city of Leninakan. Charity concert in favor of earthquake victims at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow in 1989. On the stage M. Caballe (synchronously). Present: I. K. Arkhipova, L. Bozabolyan, L. Aliberti, L. Kazarnovskaya, Ferrarini, Bergonzi. Children affected by the earthquake at the Rehabilitation Center in the Moscow Region. Films and videos dedicated to the events in Nagorno-Karabakh. Refugees at the Armenian Permanent Mission in Moscow. Supreme Court of the USSR. Court session in the case of A.I. ogly Akhmedov, I. Azat-Ogly Izmailov, I. Giyas-Ogly Jafarov. Funeral meeting in Yerevan. The symbolic grave of all those killed in [Tsitsernakan] in Azerbaijan. Second Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR in 1989. Among those present: Vazgen I, Boris N. Yeltsin. Speakers: G. Igityan, A. Sobchak, B. Balayan (synchronously). Prosthetic workshop, built and equipped by German specialists. A village for the disabled in Leninakan, built by Rogner. Interview with the Minister of Construction of the RSFSR G. V. Kurin (synchronously).
A. Mirumyan
Film ID
medical services for the population
, crimes
, international connections
, natural disasters
, national policy
, higher state bodies
, media
, air transport
, offenses
, charity
Number of Parts
A. Mirumyan, V. Mikosha, A. Harutyunyan
Other Creators
Script by Z. Balayan
Release Date
Has Sound

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