Enthusiasm Donbass Symphony

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The first sound film by D. Vertov, in which the theme of socialist construction is developed by visual and sound means. In the film essay, staging and combined shooting are used. The film includes musical documents: A march dedicated to the “Symphony of Donbass” by composer N. Timofeev and the final chord from “May Day Symphony” by D. Shostakovich. A number of episodes were filmed in Stalino (present-day Donetsk). The first "a" (I) part. A girl with headphones listens to the radio in the garden. Ukraine, believers cross themselves in front of the church, in the background - a horse-drawn carriage is going by. - the royal monogram on the fence of the church gate. The domes of the church, one of them has a double-headed eagle. View of the square in front of the temple from the bell tower. General view of the temple. Believers go to church for services. Church ministers are ringing the bells. Believers attach themselves to icons, to the Crucifixion. frescoes on the walls. Conductor at the console, performing the march "The Last Resurrection". A man on the square is drinking vodka from a bottle, square meter. - his face. A woman is trying to lift a drunk from a bench on the street. Power lines. Smoke from a factory chimney. One of the streets of the city, passing cars, horse carts, there is a pioneer detachment with flags, in front - buglers, drummers. There is a demonstration, men are carrying banners with slogans in Ukrainian, elderly women are watching the demonstrators at the fence. There is a detachment of youth. The first "b" (II) part. Domes of the church, frescoes on the walls, an openwork fence with a royal monogram. Elderly women are at the church. Demonstrators are walking down the street. There is a detachment of women with brooms. The electrification team enters the church fence, a detachment of women with brooms enters the fence. A horse-drawn carriage enters the church fence; in the carriage there are wooden five-pointed stars and red flags. Anti-religious rally on the square in front of the temple. Atheist activists remove crosses from the domes of the temple with ropes, in the background - the smoke from the chimneys of factories. A group of men is standing on the roof of the church near the dome with the cross removed, men waving their caps, the protesters are jubilant. Dismantling the domes of the church, installing a red flag on the roof. Activists take out icons, church utensils from the church, rejoice. A military band is playing. The protesters gleefully see off the carts that are taking out church valuables from the church. A five-pointed star and a red flag are installed on the roof of the temple, a signboard "CLUB OF WORKING YOUTH NAMED AFTER THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF KOMSOMOL." FIGHT FOR THE PEOPLE'S LIFE ". There is a detachment of men with banners calling for the fight against opportunism. Women are walking with banners calling to beat their fist. - the joyful faces of the demonstrators. Cinema building, passers-by are walking by. A girl listens to the radio with headphones in the garden, and she carves a bust of Vladimir Lenin from wood in the workshop. Railway track on the territory of one of the plants. A horse-drawn carriage is going by, in the background - the plant's chimneys are smoking. NDP on the territory of the plant. Metal is pouring in one of the shops of a metallurgical plant. Second "a" (III) part. Pipes of a metallurgical plant. Passers-by are walking across the bridge. The workers go to the factory. People enter the hall, sit down. General view of the hall, those present get up, sing "Internationale" (sinhr.). - the face of a metallurgical worker. A steam locomotive is going along the railway tracks. The ore is transported via a conveyor belt to the plant. Seeing off on the platform of the station, overcrowded train carriages, the train is leaving. Agitation train "Red Echelon" travels by rail, a portrait of Lenin on a steam locomotive. The man talks about shock work in production. View of one of the mines. Mine building and coal sorting. Industrial gymnastics of miners. The horse carries the carts in the mine. Manual slaughter. Mechanized face (pneumatic drilling of holes for placing dynamite). Mechanical delivery of coal in the mine. Manual haulage. Cutting machine at work. Workers at the conveyor belt, coal is being poured. The drummer reads a speech at the entrance to the mine. The second "b" (IV) part. Summer, the train goes on the rails. Musicians of a military band march down the street, followed by demonstrators with banners, in the background - a tram is passing by, a horse-drawn carriage is going. Horse carriage with coal rides in the mine. General view of one of the mines. Miners - shock workers of labor with banners march in front of the banner. Manual slaughter. Mechanized delivery of coal to the surface. Miners carry out a stretcher with coal. Women push coal carts. Men are throwing coal with shovels. Feeding the car with coal by cable traction. Forging shop, a forging hammer, a forging press, a worker puts a blank of metal into the furnace. A fire is burning in the furnace in the forge shop. Third "a" (V) part. The pipes of one of the factories are smoking, a whistle sounds. Vehicles are going through the territory of the plant. Workers are transporting carts. Carts are being carried along the cable car. General view of the territory of the plant. The locomotive enters the shop on the rails. Manufacturing of fittings in one of the workshops. Work in "hot" shops. Rolling shop. - the faces of the workers. Slogans on the walls in the workshops. A worker connects railroad cars on the territory of the plant. The echelon with coal leaves the mining area. Third "b" (VI) part. The locomotive is traveling by rail. The pipes of one of the factories are smoking. The peasants are gathering hay in sheaves in the field, singing. Harvesters drive across a field at sunset, with sheaves of hay in the background. Women are feeding hay to the conveyor. A rally of collective farmers in the field during the harvesting campaign, flags, banners are installed on the combines. The drummers read out their commitments, and the audience applauds. Women on the field are dancing to the accordion, men are watching, one of them is trying to dance. Children are watching adults. Collective farmers on carts with flags, banners go across the field. Festively dressed kolkhoz women with rakes and pitchforks are walking across the field. The musicians of the military band are walking down the street. The cavalry gallops down the street. Demonstrators in the street are jubilant. The soldiers are coming for the banners, singing. The leaders standing on the podium are smiling, greeting the demonstrators. The musicians of the brass band are walking down the street, followed by a detachment of Red Army soldiers.
D. Vertov
Film ID
urban transport
, rallies
, plant growing
, energy
, metallurgy
, collectivization of agriculture
, political propaganda
, railroad transport
, atheistic propaganda
, demonstrations
, rally and protest
, employment
, cartage
, agitation
, atheism
, peoples life
, labor
, percussion
, christianity
, situation of various populations
, roads
, general economic policy issues
, sculpture
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B. Caitlin
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