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Newsreel. April 12, 1961. Yu. A. Gagarin gets off the bus at the Baikonur cosmodrome, rises in the elevator to the head of the rocket, in the chair of the spacecraft. The rocket takes off from the ground. Newsreel. Moscow city. November 7, 1918. General view of the Revolution Square. The faces of peasants and workers. V. I. Lenin in a group of Bolsheviks at the monument to K. Marx and F. Engels makes a speech. People in the square. Newsreel. Nicholas II, members of the royal family play tennis, swim in the pond. Solemn procession of the royal family, grand dukes, retinue in the Kremlin. A manor house, a herd of cows. The peasants are working in the fields. Abandoned villages. The peasants go to the city. Baku city. Oil rigs. Workers are working on an oil rig. Miners work in the mines of Donbass. Chronicle of the pre-revolutionary period: workers' dwellings in Moscow, photographs of workers on strike, imprisoned, a party of exiles is walking along the streets of St. Petersburg, Moscow, along the Siberian tract. The beginning of the intervention and the Civil War in Russia. German units are in Kiev, British ships in the Arkhangelsk port. The landing of American and Japanese troops in Vladivostok. Admiral A. V. Kolchak in Omsk takes a parade. Army Generals A. I. Denikin, N. N. Yudenich pass through Russian cities and towns. English General Knox on the maneuvers of the Kolchak troops. The year is 1918. Parade on Red Square in Moscow. Detachments of workers are passing by. Workers and peasants are enrolled in the Red Army. A detachment of Red Army soldiers passes through the village. A group of partisans in the forest on vacation. Victims of the White Terror. SM Budyonny speaks to the soldiers. The fighting of the Red Army. The funeral of the victims of the Civil War. Funeral procession in Baku. Moscow city. 1920 year. VI Lenin speaks from the rostrum of the II Congress of the Comintern. New York City. People in the streets. Exchange work. Construction work for the construction of the Volkhov hydroelectric power station. Workers sawing beams at a sawmill. Open-cast iron ore mining in America and Soviet Russia. Assembling cars at one of the Ford factories and at the Moscow AMO plant. Moscow city. April 3, 1919. Meeting of the Moscow Council. V. I. Lenin is speaking. Among those present is the secretary of the communist cell of the depot station Moscow-Sortirovochnaya locksmith IE Burakov. He and his comrades were the organizers of the first communist subbotnik. Workers are repairing steam locomotives at a subbotnik. Newsreel. Moscow city. Red Square. On the podium of the Mausoleum Yu. A. Gagarin. Speech by NS Khrushchev. Demonstration of workers.
Anneli Thornike, Andre Thornike
Film ID
, energy
, communist parties
, percussion
, socialist competition
, protection of the state building
, state holidays
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, automotive industry
, october revolution of 1917
, cosmonautics
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